05/20/2014 10:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Realizations That Changed My Life


Bloggers, like all people, love to share the highlights of their lives. But I'm a person with self-doubt, worries, and stuff I need to figure out, just like anyone else. Who wants to read about that? Maybe you do. I want to share a set of realizations that have quite literally changed my life in the last few months. I learned some of these from others, but each one resulted in a pivotal aha moment that changed the way I see myself as a woman, wife, and mother.

  1. You are the sum of the five people most present in your life. So much of life is social, who you know, and who you most engage. This is under your control. Surround yourself with smart, interesting people who inspire you.
  2. There's a reason why some people achieve unlikely success and a big part of it is about how they approach their strengths and weaknesses. Some people spend so much more time focused on their weaknesses when that energy could be used to push your strengths to new heights. My husband wrote the book on this -- literally. He recently spoke to a group of venture capitalists about identifying people who are on the cusp of success. You can find his book here: High School Dropout to Harvard.
  3. You can make a living doing what you love. Once this starts happening to you, life opens up and you stop dreading Mondays. I never thought I could make a living as a writer and blogger and then one day I asked myself, "Why not me, why not now?" and so started this new adventure.
  4. Be grateful for everything. Since I shifted my attitude toward constant gratitude, good things keep coming into my life. When you're resentful, you're off the path. I say yes to seemingly small opportunities and they almost always lead to bigger ones.
  5. "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." -Oscar Wilde. Do you want to be great in your career, in school, in blogging? Don't try to be someone else; they are the best person at being them. You are the best at being you.
  6. Invest in things that help you become the sharpest version of you. Maybe it's a new computer, a ticket to a conference, a book, or class. You will reap the returns.
  7. We're all just passing through.
  8. Some people, places, and events in your life are shipwrecks. Don't keep dragging them behind you. Cut them off and swim away.
  9. Never stop learning. I'm constantly reading books and consuming online media. I'm a fairly busy person, especially as a mom, but I even started taking a computer programming class, because it's a way of investing in myself.
  10. Love is the best motivation. For me, it's been motherhood -- I'm driven by an endless supply of love for my daughter. Love is the most renewable energy.

Blogging sometimes feels like I'm sending messages out in a bottle. I hope this one is read by the person who needs it.

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