11/26/2014 08:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Tips


It's the biggest shopping season of them all, but Santa isn't the only one who should be checking his list twice. If you were planning on shopping for an amazing holiday outfit or thoughtful gifts for friends and family? This is a great time to do it. However, a successful weekend of shopping is all about planning. It can mean the difference between the satisfaction of getting all your holiday shopping done a month in advance and waking up on Tuesday with a shopping hangover or buyer's remorse. Here are 10 things to consider as you move into the weekend.

  1. What is Black Friday? It's the day after Thanksgiving. This year, that's November 28th. The day is marked by major sales and discounts. It's called Black Friday because the day puts retailers "in the black" e.g. making a profit.
  2. What is Cyber Monday? Before the internet, we only had Black Friday. People would wake up extra early to go shopping for deals. There was coffee involved. That still happens but Cyber Monday started as a day of online deals for people who don't want to brave the crowds or cold on Friday. However, most shops have Black Friday sales online now too, so it's worth checking out online deals early Friday morning.
  3. Which one should I shop, Friday or Monday? Here's my advice. Some discounts go live Friday and some items will sell out. If you have your heart set on something and it goes on crazy sale Friday? Buy! If you are shopping in general, are flexible, and want the deepest discounts? Wait until Monday!
  4. What is this Small Business Saturday I heard about? It's a day to support local businesses. Is there a small shop in your town you love? They might have great after-Thanksgiving sales too. Check them out because small businesses keep communities thriving.
  5. What makes a good discount? Because I'm a fashion blogger, I've had a sneak peak at many of the best deals in fashion during this year's shopping weekend. Many of the discounts I've seen are 30-50 percent off. I personally wouldn't accept less than this range. Like many others, I will be posting my favorite deals on my blog at the stroke of midnight on Friday.
  6. I am against the commercialization of holidays and this post offends me. I totally understand, however it still stands that this is a great time for deals. If you were going to shop anyway, this is a way to stretch your dollar. I personally don't like the idea of shopping on Thanksgiving and think it's perfectly fine to avoid stores that make their workers miss the holiday. Thanksgiving should be spent with loved ones, not fighting with a stranger over a BluRay player. Friday, Saturday, and Monday are more than enough, and you can do much of it from your home in your pajamas.
  7. I'm definitely shopping, what can I do in the meantime? Plan ahead. Who are you shopping for? Yourself? Friends? Family? First, decide on an overall budget and stick to it. Remember, the weekend should be about shopping smart.
  8. What's a good Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping strategy? Pull up your favorite shops and compare the deals. The internet is always open so Black Friday starts at midnight. If you find something you absolutely love, buy or risk it selling out. If you're just window shopping, keep looking so you make the best choices. Keep notes of all purchases and expected packages. Don't make impulse purchases. If you're shopping in-store, bundle up and wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Be kind to others; you're not going into battle. At the end of the day, it's just shopping.
  9. Help, I'm scared to shop for clothes online! Know your measurements and use the size charts. If you are like me, you'll be grabbing that extra serving of stuffing (my favorite) the evening before - and the morning after. So know your size before then so you can ensure a perfect fit.
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