04/02/2013 04:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

When Love Hurts : The Reality of Gender-based Violence 20 Years on (VIDEO)

Established more than a century ago in 1910, NICRO takes pride in its place at the forefront of South Africa's unrelenting search for effective, lasting solutions to combating crime and creating safe, peaceful communities which are empowered to embrace opportunities to prosper. NICRO is the only national non-governmental organization providing comprehensive crime reduction and crime prevention services from 24 service nodes in eight provinces.

NICRO, reaches in excess of 40,000 direct beneficiaries each year, works at every level with individuals, families and communities to reduce and prevent crime by -- amongst many other programs -- supporting victims of crime and violence, specifically abused women and survivors of domestic violence (Programme to Prevent Intimate Partner Violence).

In an effort to make public South Africa's scourge of gender-based violence, my wife Lucie Pagé, a highly acclaimed journalist in her own right, directed and produced a documentary entitled, When Love Hurts, in 1993. NICRO was the executive producer for this short documentary.

The themes of the abuse, neglect, emotional trauma and heartache that women suffered 20 years ago still hold true today and it is imperative that something real and effective is done to stem the tide.

The 20-year-old VHS documentary has been digitized and I wish to share it with you today: