03/31/2015 04:18 pm ET Updated May 31, 2015

Those Who Do Not Remember the Past Are Doomed...

There have been all sorts of laws, both proposed and enacted, recently that seek to secure and ensure religious freedom, be it in a municipality, a state or nationally. All are unnecessary, and all are probably unconstitutional.

Why? Because the Constitution guarantees these protections already. There is no further need to specify and solidify them for specific minority groups. The Founding Fathers knew this, and as the country evolved, those senators and representatives in Washington knew it too. It wasn't open for debate. So what about slavery, you say?

Well, our elected officials had a unique solution to that. Blacks at the time, whether slaves or free, were deemed by the Supreme Court no less, as non-citizens (see the Dred Scott decision). Since only citizens could have rights, then, well, that solved it. That strategy is not going to work this time.

Of course this only lasted so long. Eventually it would take the Civil War to reveal it to be the sham that it actually was. So too for all of the current legislation. Make no mistake, we're currently involved in a Cold Civil War. You have to wonder why politicians bother -- unless you just shrug because they are after all, politicians (See the often told parable about the frog and the scorpion). The result will predictably be the same. All of these restrictive laws passed in the name of fill-in-the-freedom are not about protecting the freedoms of us all -- and will not stand.

How threatened must Old White Men Americans Who Believe in God must be to be so obviously intolerant of anyone whose mirror image doesn't reflect their own. It's a race against time, a throwing up of a legal obstacle course in hopes of turning back the tides of progress and the inevitable changes that come with the maturation of a more diverse population, in every possible way.

Good luck to them. They may enjoy their pyrrhic victories while they can. But they cannot stem the tides of change and now it seems they cannot even preserve their reputations in history.