05/14/2010 08:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bestselling Erotica Author, Zane on Fame, Fortune & Sex (LISTEN)

New York Times bestselling author, Zane never intended to be an author, "except for a children's book," she says she still intends to write one day. Originally, all she wanted to do was write a story only because she was bored one evening and put it up on the internet to see if anyone would read it. That simple goal has turned her into a multi-millionaire and book publisher with an imprint at Simon & Schuster. Her books have gone on to become a TV series on Cinemax, a major motion picture and she has helped inspire millions of women to become comfortable with their own sexuality.

In my interview with Zane, the reclusive author discusses the moment when she felt like giving up before she was famous, why she chose to "come out of the closet", her advice for aspiring authors and what she says is her true calling (hint: she says it isn't writing).