09/18/2013 02:15 pm ET Updated Nov 18, 2013

Dads Is the Worst New Show of the Year

Watch the new sitcom Dads, but not because it's good, far from it, but because it's an example of being incredibly offensive without being clever. You know when a white guy tells racist jokes in front of an audience of black people? He does so because he isn't being insultingly racist, he's just pointing out things that he knows the group he is telling jokes to will laugh. He's not being mean because then he will go into insulting himself as well which makes it even funnier You can't just be honestly racist thinking it's a joke, that is what stupid people do when they try to be funny without knowing how. You can be offensive as long as you're obviously not serious, and you're clever. In Dads, it's just offensive. Someone will say something bad, but a relieving punchline never shows up which would've made it amusing.

The worst part of the show is the only group not made fun of in the show is the white heterosexual male stars of the show. That group is left untouched, but everyone else is fair game. That controversial asian girl part of the episode was so bad that Fox should just cancel the show. It's like the writers never grew up with people who aren't white, but only on their Grandparents racist stereotypes of people who aren't white. It's like listening to racist relatives who grew up without a different perspective to gain knowledge from. Where they can say the N-word with zero knowledge that what they're saying is incredibly wrong. If someone said any of the things the characters said to another person in this show, they would probably be fired from their jobs.

There was literally a real-life version of the 'No' maid from Family Guy. I'm surprised the laugh-track button didn't break because technology decided to rebel against such mediocrity.

Not only is the show probably the worst show of the year, or even the past few years, the concept of it is as simple as it's title. The only reason this show got on the air is because Seth MacFarlane needs a new house. I mean, I hate studios for how they change everything, have to give notes, and try to take over the creative process, but this might have needed a little bit of that. It starts off and you think they're part of a radio show, but then they make video games? I don't know the characters names in the show, and even if they said them, I don't remember because who cares? There is nothing to be invested in because nothing is interesting or relatable about any part of the show. There's no plot. There is no character development.

Dads is so bad that you actually start over thinking concepts like time. It makes you think about how great things make an hour fly by. Watching the most recent episodes of Breaking Bad will just burn through an hour like when you wanted to stay out longer to play when you were a kid and it feels like it's over in a minute, even though it was an hour. Ten minutes into this show felt like sitting in a Dentist's waiting room while watching someone paint a wall off-white.

This show tries to be All in the Family and Married...With Children, but it lacks just about everything that made those shows classic and edgy. Thankfully, I predict that this show will be gone within a few episodes of air. If not, it's another reason everyone is switching to all the cable channels and networks are scrambling for their reason to exist.