09/15/2014 10:35 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

15 Reminders You're a Working Mom

Like many working moms, I try to manage the juggling act of working, taking care of my daughter, being a wife and managing a home. In the midst of all this chaos, sometimes I find myself laughing out loud at life's little moments. Those moments consist of not taking life too seriously, finding joy even in the busiest of days and those "keeping it real" moments that occur when you are least expecting it.

It's the occasional princess sticker stuck on my high heel shoes or the temporary tattoo on my arm that I don't notice until halfway through the work day, or the conference call I take during a dance class. I am constantly reminded throughout my day that I am a mom first and my work takes a clear second place. Since my daughter was born, I have racked up a long list of working mom reminders. Here are just a few.

1. Your 2-year-old puts on your high heels, grabs her princess purse and takes off down the hallway, saying "Bye, gotta go to a meeting."


2. You call time spent in the car commuting to work "me time."

3. The default music in the car is "If you're happy and you know it...."

4. You ask your daughter where her stuffed animal's mommy is and she replies, "She's in the playroom, working."

5. You go to point out an important item on your spreadsheet to a potential client, and notice your nails are streaked with purple nail polish from playing "beauty shop" the night before.

6. Your work bag contains a Hello Kitty notepad.

7. You have mastered the "driving while pumping" traffic offense, while not flashing any truck drivers, nor spilling any of the precious milk.

8. You drop everything for an impromptu mother-daughter field trip when your child responds to your "I love you" comment with, "I love The Sitter."

9. You reach into your purse to pull out a business card, and a pacifier falls out.

10. You count the number of hours you are with your daughter and compare it to The Sitter and Daddy.

11. Your daughter can be found with her pretend laptop on her vanity, typing away and saying "Shhhh... I'm working."


12. You need to pull your hair back at work, but all you pull out of your purse is a red and white pom-pom rubber band, and a pink sparkle clip.

13. You get up to use the restroom during a company dinner, and you say, "Excuse me, I am going to use the potty."

14. A co-worker tells a funny story and you say, "You are so silly."

15. You kept noticing your boss looking over at your right arm during a conversation, later to check in the office bathroom mirror, it's your daughter's breakfast left over from the "goodbye" kiss and hug in the morning.


Originally published in Arizona Parenting Magazine and Desert Mommas Blog
Photographer Elaine Kessler

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