01/30/2012 02:06 pm ET Updated Mar 28, 2012

2 Weeks of TV Hell...

My relationship with TV hit a rough patch recently. No, I'm not talking about my beloved shows -- we're still good. I mean TV. Well, I mean the 'people' that provide us with the TV signal. Namely: DirecTV.

It all started on Globes Sunday. What a day. Watching E's coverage of the red carpet, a few cocktails, the rest of the family on the other side of the house playing video games. Pure TV heaven. Even Clooney showed his face -- which red carpet watchers will know is a rarity. It was perfect.

Fast forward to 7:59. My winners picked, I flick to NBC. What's this? There's a message on the screen telling me that DirecTV no longer carries the channel. What? NBC? This is a joke. Whatever. Do-de-do... a minute passes. The message is still there -- regardless of how many times I have flicked off and then back again. Hmmm. Ok. What does this MEAN! The Globes are starting! WAIT! We have an OTA antenna! The 'regular' NBC should come in! Flick. Nope. Same message. What?!

By this point panic is setting in. It is 8:04. The Globes ARE ON! What do I do? I know! TWITTER. In under 20 seconds on Twitter I learned the truth and my panic turned to rage -- uncontrollable 4 letter word rage. DirecTV and Sunbeam, the company that 'owns' our local NBC and CW are not seeing eye to eye on the exorbitant amounts of money they are willing to sell/pay. SO! WHO CARES!! PUT THE GLOBES ON!

OMGOMG OMG. I am missing the GOLDEN GLOBES!!!

Next step: tell the husband. He can fix anything. He thought I was joking. Nope. "Come look" I say. So he did. His reaction; "Wow."

Next step: call my mom and dad!! (Yes, I am an adult but in this situation I totally need my mom and dad!!)

Mom: Hello
Me: Is dad there?
Mom: Yes. What's wrong?
Me: I need to talk to dad. (Mom does not know how to work the DVR)
Mom: Ok....
Dad: Hello
Me: Can you please DVR the Golden Globes. Now. @#^$*()&^ DirecTV ^^%$^^%$& OMG %$#$%&% Missing the $%$% GLOBES! %$$
Dad: Yes dear. Anything else?
Me: No.

Next step: Twitter listed a few phone numbers to call to voice concerns. It happened to be the number to the local NBC affiliates new line.

Call # 1
Them: Channel 7 news.
Me: Breaking news. Channel 7 is not on DirecTV tonight. FIX IT!
Them: Go away.

Call #2
Them: Channel 7 news
Me: What's going on? I cannot watch the Globes.
Them: Call DirecTV
Me: No. I'm calling you.
Them: Go away
Me: That's creative. I'm calling you every 2 minutes 'til channel 7 is back on my TV.
Them: Go ahead.

The calls continued. Sorry. I was THAT mad.

SUDDENLY, an hour and a half later... after using the best of my averty eyes to NOT BE SPOILED on Twitter (I was totally calling in sick the next day to go to my parents and watch -- unspoiled) THE GLOBES APPEAR in beautiful HD on my TV. YES! The husband did it. Took some rewiring and all but there they were THE GLOBES. 9:36 pm. The anger and rage quickly faded as I retreated to the couch to salvage the rest of my awful awful evening. And, I got to see Clooney's win. All is better. All is perfect... and when I wake up in the morning NBC and CW will be back. This is dumb, of course they'll come to an agreement. They can't do this. They can't mess with the locals. They are in the air. They are FREE.

That all took place on January 15th. Here we are, January 27th and NBC and the CW came back last night -- according to social media, I have no proof, I would not know. See, WE CANCELED the other night. JUST 24 hours before the deal was settled. Nice. Oh well. Not going back. After 10 years, we are done. When we called to cancel the guy offered to take $30 off our bill for the next 6 months. I thanked him and all but $30 off or not, I still have no NBC or CW. If he had told me that he knew I'd have my precious networks back in my living room within 24 hours would we have canceled? Probably not. But he told me nothing. He told me his mom has Dish... and 3 minutes later he told me his mom has Charter. He was selling me. Going all out to make me stay. Sorry. The last 2 weeks without NBC and The CW have been a challenge. Our OTA signal is not the best, not dependable. I ♥ TV. I cannot live with TV that is not dependable.

Bye bye DirecTV. We're going our separate ways. After 10 years. A combo of basic cable, Internet TV, Netflix and Hulu... here we come. We'll save a ton. Plus, this is the way forward. TV is changing. The Internet has already changed how we watch. It's only going to change more. So bye bye DirecTV. You can't do that to me and think I'm going to stick around.

I missed the Globes. That's all it took.