11/26/2014 05:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What's Moderation?

Photo Courtesy: Tania Leskovar-Owens.

I love the holidays. I do.

Yet with all the bustle between holiday-shopping-parties-school functions and family it can get a little chaotic. So how do we deal with the craziness? More often than not, we indulge. (Raise your glass if you're with me.) We indulge in wine, in desserts, snacks and more.

My Grandma used to say "everything in moderation." And while I appreciate that advice, life has gotten more scheduled, more hectic, and more complicated than ever before. I know I tend to (over) indulge (read: stress-eat) during the holidays. But instead of beating ourselves up about it, maybe we could cut ourselves a little bit of slack?

Times when it might be permissible to (over) indulge:

  • When you've spent countless hours untangling those darn holiday lights, searching for that ONE bulb that is burnt out... light... by... light...
  • When you've run out of wrapping paper/tape/ribbon/glue/tags/sanity....
  • When your in-laws surprise you on your doorstep and say they will be staying for a week...
  • When you're cramped in the mall restroom and your toddler decides to touch everything in sight... (gross!)
  • When you finally get to the front of the line to greet Santa -- only to find out that your kid has absolutely NO interest in seeing that old man.

and finally....

  • When you've run out of creative (non-innuendo) options of what to do with that darn Elf on the shelf... and the more you look at "Crinkly" the Elf, the more you see the evil side of him. "Stop staring at me, Elf," you demand. And then you realize that while talking to the (inanimate) Elf may seem therapeutic, what you really want to do is dig into those red/green/silver Hershey's Kisses on the table. They suddenly seem more appealing in their holiday packaging. And then you feel triumphant, because after all, you're all about the love, not hate.

So join me in singing....
On Cabernet!
On Chex Mix!
On Mocha, On Whiskey!
On Lattes!
On Cheesecake...
On Chocolate Fudge Sundaes!
Now tip it back and gulp it down... what's mod-er-a-tion?

So let's all take a collective breath and give allowance (within reason of course) to some of these temptations. We've earned it. (Besides we can work it off on New Year's... yeah!)

May your holidays be filled with wonder, joy and the comfiness of your favorite stretchy / yoga pants.


Jennie Sutherland lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and their two young daughters. For more satire please follow her on twitter @jenniesuth. And yes, she's all about the occasional indulgence... Viva la holidays! Finally, thanks to my friend Tania (@tleskovar) for sharing the hilariously cute Santa photo!