01/05/2015 04:21 pm ET Updated Mar 07, 2015

You're So Excited... But it's Your Nap Time (Sung to the Pointer Sisters Song)

Jennie Sutherland

Does your little one ever skip a nap? Perhaps she is too hopped up on sugar? Or maybe his schedule is all thrown off -- because today is a holiday, a weekend or a day of the week that ends in "Y"? (Um, yeah.)

As I sit here willing BOTH of my kids to get some necessary quiet time (for their sake, and well, mine), I've come up with the following song. Feel free to hum along to the Pointer Sister's "I'm So Excited" if you'd like... enjoy!

You're so excited!
But now it's nap time.
I know
I know
I know
I know
I know
you need to
get. Rest.

Now's the time we need to make this happen.
You need to put your toys and dolls away.
Listen to me, sweetie, I'm your mama.
Wash your hands, no dilly-dallying please.

You need to
rest now,
sleep now,
and mommy needs a break too.
I need to show-er,
fold laundry,
and maybe brush my teeth (ew)
But now you're suddenly moving
waaaaaay too slooooow...

You're so excited!
You just can't hide it.
Nana gave you candy
and you just gotta dance now.

You're so excited!
You call out "Mommy!!"
I know
I know
I know
I know
I know
You gotta

We do not need these lengthy "neg-o-ti-a-tions."
Sweet memories will come -- if you just rest.
Soon we'll have a good time, baby, don't you worry.
But if you're playin' now
later you'll be a mess.

I've now rocked you,
soothed you,
and wrapped my arms around you.
You have your binky,
Your blankie.
There's really no excuse.
And I promise
there's no monsters

You're so excited!

(and on and on)....

Do you ever feel this way when your kid skips a nap?

I'd love to create a video parody, but I don't have time. Because My. Kids. Won't. Go. Down. For. A. Nap. (Maybe the Jammies family is available?)

Jennie Sutherland lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and their two young daughters. For more satire, follow her on Twitter: @jenniesuth. Check out another funny post at Why I'm Still on Facebook.