11/29/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top Ten Ways Obama Could Seal the Deal In Thirty Minutes Tonight

The thirty minutes of prime time purchased at top dollar by the Obama campaign tonight could be redundant and overpriced, or could be a chance to try to close the deal with undecided voters.

Here's how to do it:

1) The only commander-in-chief style staring at the camera should be the open and close of the show- two minutes off the top and three minutes at the end. Othwerwise we're just watching what we've seen in the debates.

2) That great bio video from the Convention? Use it. Use Michelle's too. They are informative and the stories are compelling. Remember, most people don't sit there and actually watch the Convention, unless they are party folk. Give the undecideds and independents, and soft republicans, a chance to see the stories of the candidate and spouse.

3) Economy, economy, economy
How about a story about people across the country suffering from hard economic times? They're easy to find. I don't mean anecdotes about people met on the campaign trail (Joe the Plumber). I mean a 3 minute piece, narrated by Obama, about 5 people who want a better economy for themselves and their children's futures.

4) Don't talk about McCain
Don't presume to have won (huge mistake to do so) but do avoid attacks. This is about making the case for yourself, presenting your story and vision, not defining the other guy. Why give him the free airtime?

5) How about a 3 minute piece on family life in the Obama home?
So the outside of the house looks fancy, but how about the kitchen table at breakfast? How about the girls room? How about the family playing a board game in the family room? Let us see those cute kids in their home. Let us see the family together. That is not only an interesting story, but tells us more about the Obama family, parents and kids, something everyone can relate to.

6) How about the short video on Joe Biden's bio? Joe has a great story, a beautiful family, and a son serving overseas. Jill Biden is a huge asset. Use her! Not only is it good tv, this helps move past any recent foot-in-mouth comments made.

7) A narrated piece by Obama modeled after Reagan's "Morning in America" theme. Lots of sunny pictures of people of all ages walking in fields, in small towns, smiling, talking. People coming out of church, kids walking to school with backpacks. Our best days are ahead of us. We can rise to the current challenges and renew our hope and optimism. It is the best country on earth, a country blessed with great beauty and goodwill. We are a wonderful country full of caring people. Give voters a chance to feel proud and inspired, not ashamed or wanting.

8) Slip in short real-life soundbites from voters saying why they like Obama. Use them freely throughout the half hour. Make sure you use the ones where people say they made their minds up recently because they are ready for change.

9) Don't overuse the words Hope or Change. Use new words. Sunny words. Feel-good words. Bring us forward, into the horizon. Move the ball further on the field with new, resonant words that sway people who have not been swayed by the words you have already used.

10) Close the deal. Make them trust you. Smile. DO NOT look cocky or like you think you are President. DO NOT make this a presidential address. Make it an invitation to elect you so you can serve citizens of this beautiful country with its best days ahead.