03/01/2013 05:01 pm ET Updated Apr 30, 2013

Le No Makeup Look

Spring is just around the corner. Time to break out our breezy dresses, light-as-a-feather scarves and pretty sandals. It's also time to re-evaluate our makeup routine. The days of winter where we needed thicker foundation and dark, smoky eyes are behind us. Now it's time for fresh-faced beauty. We want to look pretty in an effortless way. For this we need le no makeup look.

Le no makeup look (I use the 'le' because I learned about this in Paris, you see) is brilliant because it requires very minimal effort on your part. You just need to come up with a quick routine. Often it only takes about 5 minutes to apply. I tend to use tinted moisturizer, mascara, eyebrow powder, blush and lip gloss. Find the most natural shades to flatter your skin tone and eye color. Your makeup will appear effortless because it was, in fact, effortless to apply.

The following are my three favorite variations that I observed while living in Paris:

Au naturel
This look is very subtle. It includes a light foundation to even out the skin (either powder or tinted moisturizer), blush, mascara and a neutral lip color. It is just enough to give you a pretty, professional polish but also looks completely natural. This takes almost no time to apply and is a great look for every day -- for when you just want to feel pulled together. The au naturel look is perfect for professional endeavors like job interviews as well as quotidian adventures like running errands.

Defined eye
This variation features a defined eye and neutral lip. It uses the same items as the au naturel look but adds my favorite makeup product -- eyeliner. This look is very gamine, very Parisian, and suggests that the wearer is more chic than the average person. She simply got out of bed, tied her hair back, slicked on some eyeliner, and went about her day! (In my case it takes a bit longer to get ready, but you do get the idea.) The defined eye look is great for visiting museums, watching films, attending casual concerts or engaging in any artistic endeavor. Wear it when you would like to look mysterious. (Highlighting the eyes always ups the mysterious factor in a woman.)

Defined lip
This variation showcases a defined lip (red maybe?) and neutral eye. It would include powder, blush, a bold-colored lipstick (berries, mauves, or reds) and a neutral eye (no eyeshadow, just mascara, with eyeliner optional). This look is more romantic and clearly draws attention to the mouth -- perfect for when you are feeling passionate, whimsical or adventurous. It also suggests that you have better things to do than carefully apply makeup every day, but that you are feminine enough not to forget your lipstick! The defined lip is great for a first date (or any date!) or for any day that you feel like adding color to the face. In the dead of winter, it can boost your morale to use a vibrant shade (such as fuchsia) to highlight your pout.