08/01/2012 04:44 pm ET Updated Oct 01, 2012

Lexus Rolls Out the Cars and Stars

The cars and stars shone brightly on a balmy San Francisco evening, as the top deck of the Metreon became the lavish location for Japanese automaker Lexus to introduce its new LS model line. Defying the laws of gravity and elevators, there were four shiny new Lexus vehicles arrayed around the space, the pride of place belonging to the LS F SPORT, which was unveiled with paparazzi flash normally reserved for the celebs who gamely flanked its sinuous sides. Introductions were made by the Castro-cute furnishings designer Jonathan Adler and his hubby Simon Doonan, the elfin enfant terrible of the window dressing world. They unabashedly unveiled a series of five huge-format photos entitled "The Laws of Attraction," shot by fashion favorite Ellen von Uwerth, which unsurprisingly featured the same celeb couples carousing or canoodling in the car. In person, Jason Schwartzman looked decidedly handsomer than his Wes Anderson wimp persona, his attraction clearly noted by his genuinely charming wife Brady Cunningham. Model Devon Aoki paired up with her financier fellow James Bailey, who could have been a model as well, while model/actress Jaime King appeared to be a new woman with director James Newman. Above it all, The Strokes' drummer Fabrizio Moretti surveyed the scene from the DJ booth, turning over the turntable to his own controller, the unannounced but attractively pronounced Kristen Wiig, she of SNL and Bridesmaids. Nightlife photographer Merlin Bronques fluttered around the luminary flame, recording every canapé and cocktail with the concentration of a war correspondent; a few of his previous photos were on display along with a bevy of international street style paparazzi promising blogger-photographers from around the world: Antonija Butkovic of Croator (Croatia), Carole Touati of LELOOK (Spain), Chris Saunders (South Africa), Dorin Stanciu of (Romania), James Bent of La Mode Outré (Japan), Jin Oh of Paris x 3 (France), José Cabral of The Lisbon Tailor (Portugal), Joseph Ouechen of You Are The Style (Morocco), Majo Arévalo of Viste la Calle (Chile), Maria Majorova of TonboGirl (Slovakia). For many of the 1400-strong hipster, heavy-hitter, and hottie crowd, the real exhibition was on the outdoor deck, where two cars competed with four bars and groaning tables laden with McCall's super premium selections of lobster, sushi, lamb chops and steak in superlative abundance. As local notables Yuan-Yuan Tan, Paul Pelosi, Jr., Ali Speer, filmmaker/radio personality Hooman, Victoria Yeager Sawyer, and Marybeth Shimmon swirled in the nexus, San Francisco welcomed the excuse for a prodigiously posh party provided by Lexus.

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