03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Barney Was Wrong: You're Not So Special

This is for everyone who insists on cutting drivers off on the highway. This is to the plumber who never shows. This is for the doctor who thinks two hours in the waiting room is reasonable. This is to the moms who hold up the carpool lane. This is for the guy with 20 items in the 12 items or less line. This is for the smokers who stand 25 feet outside of the smoking area. And this is for anyone who thinks they don't have to follow the rules like the rest of us.

I'm afraid the land of PCism and Barney has created a bit of a debacle. All the junk about everyone is special? It means you're no worse than anyone else. It does not - I repeat does not - mean you are better than anyone else.

All in one week I waited through five light cycles while cars cut off various drivers in front of me. I waited five days for a plumber who never returned my calls. I waited for a doctor's appointment I'd had scheduled for six months. And I wasted morning after morning in the carpool lane behind the idiot mom in front of me who stopped twenty-five feet shy of the appropriate stopping point so her precious darling wouldn't have to walk those same twenty-five feet in the gorgeous, sunny, 72 degree weather.

I'm exhausted. I'm exhausted from following up, fixing up, and waiting for all those people who think their lives are so much more important than mine, so much more important that they can waste my time at every turn. I know, I know. The doctors are under the gun to see more patients because of the evil insurance companies. The plumber is good at plumbing not customer service. And that mom might be new to carpool. I don't care. I don't care. I really don't. Because ultimately it isn't really about any of that.

What it is about is civility, rules and respect. It's not that hard. Wait your turn. Watch the clock. Don't take more than you can use. Think about someone - anyone - other than yourself. I know times are tough. But they are only made tougher when selfishness rules the day.

Poor old Sarah Palin is the perfect example of this dilemma. You know, if Sarah Palin wasn't so full of herself, she wouldn't be making such a fool of herself. A book full of lies. A tour full a disappointed fans. A career built on falsehood and a wink. A wardrobe, travel, and who knows what else paid for with money she helped herself to despite having no right to. You must think an awful lot of yourself, Ms. Palin, and very little of those constituents you claim to care for, stealing from them like that.

Someone told Ms. Palin she was special just a few too many times. Read a paper, sweetie. Keep your facts straight. Look around. You're part of this world. Not above it. Not even an inch. I'm begging you. Set a good example and give it up, please. You're just another hockey mom with her share of mistakes. Look at your knocked up teen and your centerfold almost-son-in-law. Geez Louise. Palin is the perfect example of someone whose life would be much better if it were lived on the ground and off the high horse.

I'm a regular gal, just like the rest of you. There's stuff I'm good at and even more stuff I'm not so good at. I've had my share of triumphs and made my share of mistakes. I want to get home to make dinner too. I have a job to do too. I have a child I love too. That's just it. We're all the same. No better. No worse. The same. Barney was wrong. You're not so special. So get back in line. Read that sign. Watch the time. Stay in your lane. Count your items. Slow down. Wait your turn. And, please, please learn the rules before you enter the carpool line.