01/09/2013 02:31 pm ET Updated Mar 10, 2013

Lance Armstrong Confesses

Lance Armstrong, who was stripped of his seven first-place finishes in the Tour de France after an investigation found him guilty of cheating, is said to be weighing a public admission of his drug use. Armstrong is said to have made as much as $20 million a year during his career.


I'm here to say sincerely that I totally regret
Anything that happened that got anyone upset
Alleged actions someone out there might have undertaken
That by some interpretations might be thought of as mistaken.

And even though I didn't do them, I apologize
On behalf of all my teammates. Hey, let's lighten up here, guys.
We've all learned our lessons and we know that it's uncool
To try and get around some little arbitrary rule.

Those who have attacked me I now totally forgive
A life of purest sympathy is what I want to live
And to all your questions I have just one simple answer:
God sent me down to Earth so I could find a cure for cancer.
I'm really, truly humbled and so very, very sorry.
But not so much I'm giving up my plane or my Ferrari.