11/08/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

There's Power in a Potluck

Sunday night, using leftover bread from Friday night's dinner, some Hudson Valley milk and cream, and two big Jersey zucchini, I baked up a savory zucchini bread pudding. It was cheap to make, and super tasty. I carried it with me over to a community garden in the East Village of New York City, and proceeded to share it--and a mess of other delicious home cooked food--with 'about 50 friends, neighbors, colleagues and strangers.

It¹s not like I have never picknicked on Labor Day before, but this one was different. I was there for Slow Food USA's Time for Lunch campaign and its National Day of Action to get real food into schools. Our potluck was an "eat-in," and it was one of over 300 that took place yesterday from Maui to Maine, from Mississippi to Michigan.

About 10,000 of us all care enough about what our country's children are served in schools that we came together to make a public statement that it's time--overdue really--to give schools the resources they need to serve real food to our kids. These pictures give you a sense of the diversity of events that happened--there were fiddles and turkeys, hula hooping and cake walks. But what made it different is that there were also banners, and posters, letter writing and rallying cries. Let's tell our legislators that "Hey now! It's Time for lunch!"

Here are some photos from events around the country.

Time For Lunch