02/13/2014 03:22 pm ET Updated Apr 15, 2014

Great Expectations for Valentine's Day

Great Expectations. No, it's not a Dickens novel. It's Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is filled with expectations of romance and special experiences. While many often assume that Valentine's Day is not as important for men, men too hold expectations regarding Valentine's Day. According to the online dating site's recent survey of 1,000 singles, 60% of men and 68% of women believe that Valentine's Day is not just a commercial holiday, but also about love. Moreover, men and women seem to have a pretty clear idea about what Cupid should bring for Valentine's Day.

1. Romantic Dinner:
According to the AYI survey, 35% of men and 44% of women think a romantic dinner is an appropriate way to spend the evening. With 71% of men stating that men should pay for the Valentine's Day meal, traditional gender norms are alive and well at least on Valentine's Day. Women and men both expect that the meal should be more expensive as well: at least $50.00 or more than a standard dinner date. Men, be sure to make your reservations early.

2. Sex:
Let's talk about sex, baby. Both men and women say they want to be physically intimate on VDay. Twenty-six percent of men, however, claim to be desirous of sex relative to 6% their female counterparts when asked about what they want on Valentine's Day (sex, romantic, dinner, jewelry,candy, nothing, or flowers). At the same time, 20% of women of 25% of men expect sex after a Valentine's Day dinner. Desires and behavior at times do not always match at least for women!

Armed with Cupid's arsenal of Valentine's Day tips, make February 14, 2014 a night to remember.