02/04/2006 07:56 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Chris Matthews Needs Help -- Getting Off the Air. Will you do Your Part?

So now Chris Matthews suggests the torched churches in the South may have been burned by liberals or gays.

This inspired me to write --- as I hope it will inspire you --- to the people in the left column of the link: senior executives at companies that advertise on his show. Here's my letter, just to get you started:

In YOUR experience, is burning churches what liberals and gays do? Do the liberals you know strike you as....violent? Do the gays you know go out looking for....victims?

When WAS the last time a gay guy tied a straight guy to a fence and killed him? When WAS the last time a liberal lit anything bigger than a barbecue?

Sorry. Chris is going crazy. And he's a little crazier every night. Why? I think because now people are REALLY watching. And organizing against him. And he can't take it.

Here's a small, respectful suggestion: Lose this guy before the association starts to hurt you.

Because you know those liberals and gays --- they're capable of anything.

Chris Matthews was once a decent commentator. Now he needs help --- and to get it, I fear, he must leave his show. If you care --- if you ever cared --- do your part: Write an e-mail.