11/07/2012 10:22 am ET Updated Jan 07, 2013

Mitt Romney's Exit Interview: Here Are 10 Questions (for Starters)

Mitt Romney will never again run for public office. Maybe now he might answer some questions. Consider these a start. Feel free to add yours.

1) In Ohio, which you had to win, your lies about the auto bailout and Jeep production moving to China were so egregious that auto executives --- who might be expected to vote Republican --- called you out. Did you think they wouldn't?

2) In an effort to be useful after Sandy, you staged a food drive, although the Red Cross does not accept food. You and your sons never served in the military, never were in a position to shed blood for the U.S. Why didn't you stage a blood drive --- with you as the first donor?

3) You changed your opinions so many times in this campaign. Why, when polls surely told you that you needed more women supporters, did you continue to endorse a candidate for the Senate who described rape that leads to pregnancy as God's will? And when it was clear you had little support from Latinos, why didn't you change your views of "self-deportation?"

4) For the last week of the campaign, while the government was providing aid to states battered by Sandy, the press shouted questions about your position on FEMA. You never directly responded. Did you even consider saying: "I was wrong?"

5) If you had a do-over and could be asked again, "Would you trade $10 in federal spending cuts for a $1 tax increase?" would you still say no?

6) If Paul Ryan was such a great choice as VP, why did your campaign hide him in the Candidate Protection Program?

7) Did you and your wife really make money -- the estimates range from $15.3 million to $115 million --- on the auto bailout you opposed?

8) The label most frequently applied to you is "shape-shifter" --- that is, you say whatever you think will please the people you're addressing at that moment. Did it bother you to change your message for each audience?

9) If you had released ten years of tax returns, what would we have learned?

10) About the hidden video of you dismissing 47 percent of America --- you meant every word, didn't you?