05/25/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

PlayDates for the Lonely

Attention lonely nerds: your prayers have been answered! A new site just launched where you can play video games with actual girls. And unlike real life where you may be too scared to speak to a member of the opposite sex, on, you can pay women to talk to you while you play games. And here I thought it was difficult for women to establish a career in gaming!

The site, which launched this week, offers "Players" (guys over 18) the chance to play online flash games like checkers with "PlayDates" (girls) while chatting over a webcam. Guys can also play Xbox Live games with PlayDates without the benefit of the webcam. A typical 8-10 minute game costs $8.25, 60% of which goes to the woman. PlayDates can set their status to "flirty" or "dirty" while the men on the site get to rate them on their hotness, flirtiness and game playing skills. The highest rated PlayDates will get preferred placement on the site. Now there's one for the resume!

Let's not mistake what this is. It's not gaming, it's simply a new spin on the phone sex lines of the 80s. It's light porn with a twist. If it wasn't, you wouldn't need to be over 18 to join, you wouldn't be able to have uncensored "Dirty" talk over webcams and you wouldn't be able to tip your PlayDate real cash after your session. If there's anything revolutionary about GameCrush it's that it took this long for someone to come up with the idea of actually paying women to play core games like Modern Warfare 2. After all the hardcore game community has never valued women for anything more than their avatars. It shuts them out of their ranks on the corporate side, hyper-sexualizes them in games and then wonders why they have a hard time attracting more female players.

GameCrush players, I have a little tip for you that can save you hundreds a year. Go on any casual game website like Shockwave, GreatDayGames or Pogo and you can meet real women in the forums and chat areas for free. All of whom will play games with you. Sure they may not be dressed in lingerie while playing but I bet a good number of them have teeth, which is more than I can say for some of the PlayDates that I saw on GameCrush.

Xbox 360: $49.95; GameCrush account credits: $8.25; the chance to connect with a girl of questionable hotness who is only bothering to talk to you because you are paying her - priceless.