10/19/2012 05:22 pm ET Updated Jul 14, 2013

A Letter To Justin Timberlake -- In His Own Words

Dear Justin,

The year was 1998 and it was love at first sight. You, with your blonde frosty curls and angelic singing voice. Me with my braces and 8-year-old 'tude. I was Crazy For You. But then, you married Jessica Biel.

Your strings have been attached and I'm devastated. It actually Makes Me Ill to see you give love and attention at her will. I wasn't ready to say Bye (Bye Bye). When I first heard the news I thought, "Why, When, How did this happen?" But looking back, the signs were there -- I should have known.

I know it isn't right to wish your new marriage ill, but it's hard to say I'm sorry, it's hard to make the things I did undone. I need you to just answer a few questions for me, you know, If I'm Not The One. Anyway, Here We Go:

1. Does she know what you feel? Are you sure that it's real?
2. Call me a hater, if you want to -- but do you really want to be married to Mary Camden, the girl who trashed the gym at her high school?
3. Do you ever wonder why this music gets you high she feels tainted? To me, it's obvious. She's Adam Sandler's leftovers, after all.
4. Was it something I said? To make you turn away? To make you walk out and leave me cold?

I'm trying to get over this. I hear my friends when they say I should. But no matter what I do, I feel the pain. I don't want to get over you. I Want You Back.

Now, I know I'm no Hollywood actress. But the way I see it, it doesn't matter 'bout the car I drive or the ice around my neck.

I'll just have to be patient. Right now you're just too blind (too blind) to see, but in the end, ya know, it's gonna be me. I'll let you do your thing with the other Jessica. I'll be here waiting -- 'til the day my life is through, This I Promise You.

For now, I'll try my best to be a (wo)man and be strong. Before I go Cry Me A River, I just need you to know one last thing: When winter comes in summer, when there's no more forever, that's when I'll stop loving you.

Bye... bye... bye,
Your #1 Fan

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