05/14/2015 01:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Thriving With Sleep and Meditation -- Arianna Huffington's #ThriveOCourse

Five years ago if my body could talk, it would have told me, "Jess, you are killing yourself with stress."

Back then I would often wake up to find my shoulders so tense, they would be lifted right up to my ears.

Instead of addressing the physical SOS and hectic lifestyle I was living, I thought what many career-driven people are accustomed to believing: You are paying your dues. This is how it is if you want to be successful. This type of stress is just part of the game.

Fast forward to now. I left an eight-year career in journalism and decided to start my own business. This was my fresh start, a time for me to call all the shots and most importantly, be diligent in putting myself first.

Starting a business is an incredible amount of work and naturally involves certain types of stress.

I wasn't naive to that fact.

I was, however, naive to how quickly those bad old habits could creep back into my life without warning -- the endless hours of non-stop work, worrying, and feeling the need to consume and react to every little thing.

It felt like a sneaky attack. Slowly day by day, that unnecessary stress I thought I could control by having my own business, came seeping back in.

Then by chance I came across Arianna Huffington's Thrive OCourse.

I enrolled.

Week 1's focus: sleep and meditation.


Yoga & meditation before bed.

In order to do my best work I need to be the healthiest I can be. It sounds obvious but personal well-being is often the first to be ignored. This quote stuck with me:


I love that.

You really aren't helping anyone: clients, family, friends, partners, if you are draining yourself dry physically and emotionally. Take care of yourself first.

Here are some actions I've taken via #ThriveOCourse

  • Started to use airplane mode on my phone at night and using a separate alarm clock. My bedroom is a no-phone zone.
  • Set an alarm so I have a bed time routine to signal my body that sleep is ahead


  • Implemented 10 minutes of meditation each morning and night via Headspace. This has really helped me fall fast asleep. Zzz...


These might be things you already know, but what a difference it makes when you strive to thrive with others.

Thank you to those who have reached out and connected with me as fellow #ThriveOCourse participants. It's amazing what the Thrive Tribe can do together.

A more well-rested and focused entrepreneur,


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