Dinnertime Free Association With a Culinista and a Liquid Muse

What happens when one hungry girl and another thirsty one hit it off? They play free-association with booze and food, of course. I started off with cauliflower gratin I had at Saxon and Parole and what unfolded was a salivating stream of conscious. This game works like the movie game -- one person says an actor, the other says a movie the actor was in. Then the first person says another actor in that movie and person number two says a movie the subsequent actor is in. And it goes on and on and on. Here, we sub out actor/movie for food/drink.

I sat down with The Liquid Muse, Natalie Bovis to riff. And, go!

Jill Donenfeld: Last night I ate at Saxon and Parole and I had cauliflower gratin...
Natalie Bovis: I could totally see a seasonal beer with that -- maybe pumpkin.
Jill Donenfeld:I want a brothy mussel situation with lots of bread.
Natalie Bovis: When I think of the south of France -- crisp rosé wine
Jill Donenfeld: OMG good one. And my favorite thing with rosé is smoked salmon and salmon roe.
Natalie Bovis: Salmon and salmon roe -- a nice chilled shot of vodka.
Natalie Bovis: Sip -- not shot.
Jill Donenfeld: Woooo vodka... which is what I drink with ummm everything... But here let's say it puts me in the mood for... something a friend made once which was chilled marinated shrimp with parsley, capers, lemons... really cold.
Jill Donenfeld: Sort of Spanish taste to it.
Natalie Bovis: A nice chilled seafood plate is a great pairing with OM Cocktails Meyer Lemon & Ginger.
Natalie Bovis: It could served chilled on its own or shaken with a little more fresh lemon juice and even a splash more vodka and fresh dill to make a crazy fun cocktail pairing.
Natalie Bovis: Adding a bit more vodka and fresh lemon would make it more food friendly.
Jill Donenfeld: Oooooooo yum. As long as we aren't adding the dill... sounds slightly sweet which makes me want something sorta sweet to eat. I want a fruit crisp ... like a peach and ginger crisp.. right?!
Natalie Bovis: Peach and ginger screams one thing at me --- bourbon!
Natalie Bovis: A nice old-fashioned cocktail with bourbon could be a good pairing.
Natalie Bovis: I'd use peach bitters in the old fashioned to further compliment the dessert.
Jill Donenfeld: Yessssssss me wants it. Makes me want something smoky now... beef jerky is kind of a good call here.
Jill Donenfeld: Because I think an old fashioned is more a drink that goes with pre-dinner snacking... etc.
Natalie Bovis: I love beef jerky -- especially when its spicy... and this smoky spice thought leads me to one of my favorites... Mescal... a nice smokey mescal.
Jill Donenfeld: Oh baby.
Natalie Bovis: (del maguey mescal)
Jill Donenfeld: Must try... Must try it with really spicy pulled pork tacos with lots of cilantro and cotijillo cheese.
Natalie Bovis: I think I'm being led to one of my favorite drinks -- a silver coin margarita.
Natalie Bovis: Made with a great silver tequila, FRESHLY squeezed lime, a little orange liqueur and a kiss of agave nectar.
Jill Donenfeld: Call me common but with a margarita, no matter how fancy... I always want me some good ole guacamole.
Natalie Bovis: If we're talking guac, I'm going back to beer.
Natalie Bovis: For me that would be Negra Modelo -- in the bottle.
Jill Donenfeld: OMG and that makes me want the cauliflower gratin I had last night! Yes!

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