04/22/2014 02:57 pm ET Updated Jun 22, 2014

Let's Dough: Break Passover With a Donut

This year, Donut Pub turns 50 years old. Though I've lived in NYC for 11 years of that run, I didn't start enjoying the Pub until two years ago. Previously, I'd had a strict rule: donuts on the west coast; bagels on the east. Spreading out junk food indulgences locationally has been my way of ensuring a cap on empty, blood sugar-spiking deliciousness.

That all changed when I learned that a crueler is sort of like a buttermilk bar, which are nearly impossible to find in the east. The one at Donut Pub served as my gateway drug and I've since enjoyed old fashioneds, cake, glazed, and jelly-filled. My favorites are still the cheapy buttermilk bars I get, and Glady's and Wendy's and the other 24-hr, neon-lit pit-stops along Lincoln in LA but the rest of the nation is catching up.

We rounded up some favs.

Let's Dough: Break Passover with a Donut