06/26/2013 05:15 pm ET

24 Questions About Pretty Little Liars That Have Nothing to Do With 'A'

Every week, for the past few years, I have been tuning in to watch one of my favorite shows, Pretty Little Liars. Over the years, the show has raised many questions concerning a mysterious individual who is seemingly everyone. Who is A? What is their endgame? But what about the questions that don't involve A? Such as, why do we never hear about the girl's progress in school? And what ever happen to the restaurant they frequented in season one?

I have taken the liberty of composing a list of 24 questions about Pretty Little Liars, that have nothing to do with A. Hopefully by the end of this season, we will have the answers.

1. Why does Aria still want to be with Ezra? He treats her like she is disposable and has completely disregarded her feelings since he found out about his son. She could do better.
2. Where is Ashley Marin's boyfriend, Ted Wilson?
3. Where does Melissa Hastings live? Philly or at the Hasting's house in Rosewood?
4. Where does Wren live?
5. Why hasn't Aria or Hanna began thinking about college? What are their grades like?
6. Where is Jason DiLaurentis? He disappeared from a hospital bed, and now his mother is saying he is with his grandmother. That is just plain confusing.
7. What happened to Aria's job as a photography assistant?
8. Does Ezra know that Meredith tried to kill Aria? Does he care?
9. Where does Caleb live? Does he still go to school in Rosewood? Why does he get to miss so much school?
10. Where is Noel Kahn? Did he drop out of high school?
11. Where does Mona live? Why do we never see her house?
12. Is Toby's father married to Jenna's mom? Why do we never see either of them?
13. Where is Aria's brother, Mike?
14. What ever happened to Aria's friend, Holden?
15. What ever happened to Spencer's first boyfriend, Alex?
16. Why would the school allow Aria to be Ezra's student again after knowing they used to have a relationship? Surely even a rumor of a relationship would prohibit that.
17. Why have none of the girl's parents considered moving?
18. Why do the girls seemingly have no curfews, or rules of any kind? Considering they are teenagers.
19. How old is Wren supposed to be?
20. Why do Aria's parents allow her to be in Ezra's class again?
21. What happened to Emily's job at the coffee house?
22. Does Ashley no longer have money problems?
23. Why does Wren never confront Spencer about how she jerks him around?
24. How did Mona not have any bruises of any kind after being strangled in her car?