06/03/2014 04:20 pm ET Updated Aug 03, 2014

Approved Rom-Com Characters

  • Loud, almost-fat friend
  • Male gynecologist full of judgments
  • Hotter, younger version of protagonist who mostly wears bikinis
  • Gal pal who just loves talkin' penis size
  • Snooty proprietress
  • Bro with a heart of gold
  • Sassy nameless one
  • Untameable man who wants you to tame him which he shows by running away from commitment
  • Intestinal health-obsessed mother
  • Extremely flamboyant spin-class instructor
  • Glasses-wearing man-repellant
  • Contacts-purchasing lust-object
  • Helpful butler
  • Bra-burning shrew with needs
  • Secretly sexy archaeologist
  • Abs
  • Annoyed stewardess
  • Pencil-skirt slut
  • Sleazy business partner
  • Constant bridesmaid
  • Repressed docent
  • Empowered reporter
  • Only friend with children, who is constantly holding at least one of those children
  • Hugh Grant
  • Room full of yoga-doers
  • Financial tycoon whose heart is softened by love
  • Tight-laced gallery owner
  • Drunk off a three-shots montage, stick-up-the-ass, eventually balances her life out writer
  • The uglier but ultimately better one

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