08/08/2013 01:01 pm ET Updated Oct 08, 2013

Mirror, Mirror: Sext in Peace

Anthony Weiner's immediate political future looks a lot like the career of another famous New Yorker -- Alex Rodriguez. Both men have been shamed publicly. Each is fodder for late night comedians. Neither one seems to realize they have been reduced to reviled public figures and punchlines. Weiner's ruinous path is different in the sense that he squandered the potential for greatness rather than actually having achieved the accolades bestowed on Rodriguez. Still, we are now left to wonder just how many of A-Rod's 647 home runs were really earned without the aid of performance enhancing drugs. Both men display stunning, if not mystifying, hubris in the face of blatant self-destructive behavior. Again and again.

In keeping with his apparently deserved narcissistic reputation, Rodriguez has defiantly announced his decision to appeal MLB's harsh 211 game suspension. In similar fashion, Weiner has decided to ignore rather vocal national calls to end his campaign and remain in the NY mayoral race, despite falling in the polls faster than his prurient interest after hitting "send" at the close of one of his clandestine text encounters.

Here's a suggestion for both of you -- go away.  Not for a week or a month. Leave us for a long while. Forgo the obligatory claims of redemption with accompanying photo spreads in national magazines. We don't believe you anymore. Neither of you. Forget being role models for a new generation. We've seen what you have to offer and we are no longer in the market for what you are selling.

Alex -- I'm convinced that you don't live in a glass house, but a mirrored one. Gaze at your reflection to your heart's content. You seem to be the only one who is still interested. Anthony -- since you refuse to admit you have a problem, both with your impulses and with honesty, go check into a quiet hotel. Make sure they have free Wi-Fi, close the door and sext in peace. If you tell him how great he looks, maybe Alex will accept your calls.