09/28/2010 06:18 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Spineless Dems -- a Rhyming Rant

They passed health-care reform
But they don't dare to claim
Any credit. The norm:
Dems are wimps at this game.

Hear the GOP yell,
"See the parts that we'll keep!"
While the Dems whine, "Um...well..."
From these Dems: not a peep.

But these wimps in the House
And the Senate (typecast:
They've the guts of a mouse)
Can get coverage at last.

Now they can't be denied
Their insurance because
They've no backbone inside.
Oh the Dems' reform does... Dems who don't know whine-lessness,
These whiners for whom spinelessness
(The party's default position)
Is a pre-existing condition.