10/14/2010 11:17 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Alec Baldwin, the Internet, and Me

I don't blog often, but when I do it's usually important. In fact, this is only my second Huffington Post blog. The first one was to raise awareness about cancer research. This one is about Alec Baldwin, who is almost as important as cancer research. Alec is a great actor -- one of the best, a passionate supporter of numerous worthy causes and an all around really nice guy. So I was really surprised to learn there is an Internet rumor floating around accusing Alec Baldwin of being anything but gracious and me, of being anything but grateful.

This brouhaha seems to stem from my appearance on David Letterman this past Monday night where I told a story about Alec. After I won the Emmy award, Alec was kind enough to send a really nice wine and cheese basket, with a card addressing me as a "talented, charming bastard." I understood this to be a joke, and coming from Alec, a compliment. I thought that came across in the Letterman bit. You can watch it here for yourself:

Clearly, some people didn't get my sincerity. So to clear things up, in the spirit of David Letterman, here are my Top Ten Favorite Alec Baldwin Performances, as a thank you for the basket.

10. Beetlejuice -- One of the best performances from a character in the hereafter.

9. It's Complicated -- Alec, Steve Martin and Meryl Streep-- enough said.

8. The Cooler -- Now Alec's character in this movie is actually a "bastard."

7. The Edge/State and Main/ Glengarry Glen Ross -- No actor is more suited to play David Mamet's characters better than Alec. Mamet revisited: "First prize is an Emmy. Anybody want to see second prize? Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is you're fired. (Will miss you, Monk. Just kidding. I really love Tony Shalhoub, please don't start any more rumors, internet media.)

6. The Royal Tennabaums/Madagascar 2/Thomas the Tank Engine -- Next to Morgan Freeman, he's the best voice over guy in Hollywood. Such range...

5. The Departed -- The bit where Alec extols the benefits of The Patriot Act may be worthy of an Oscar.

4. Saturday Night Live --Schweddy Balls says it all.

3. The Hunt For Red October -- "Welcome to the New World, Captain."

2. Path To War -- "50 to 300 is my estimate, and if the bombs miss, it can go as high as 12,000, with fifty percent of these civilians and fifty percent of those killed." Still gives me chills.

1. 30 Rock -- There's a reason Alec has two Emmys and I only have one.

Feel free to debate this list...