05/26/2015 01:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Building a Better World Starts With Raising Healthy, Happy, Empowered Children

UN Foundation

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The world I want for all families across the globe in 2030 is one that will resonate peace, happiness and good health. Above all, I want a world where adults will give and educate and empower a human vessel for change. It is my hope that all children around the world be given the opportunity to thrive and be healthy adults, with the possibilities if they desire to have children of their own, to be a member of their community who in turn raises a new generation of gracious little ones, and so forth.

Families ask me frequently, "Nanny Jo, how do I instill good morals and values? How can I teach them to give back? How can I encourage them to make a difference?" Teaching children the importance of giving back and serving their community is an essential life skill I believe, which can be very empowering. Looking beyond ourselves to how we can serve others is the biggest gift we can offer. We as families are raising the next generation -- in 2030, these children will be leading our world!

Talking to your children about what they love, their passions and interests is the start of connecting them with an issue that they can engage with on a personal level; this most importantly encourages longevity and accountability. Many of the volunteers I meet with in my role as Global Advocate for the United Nations Foundation's Shot@Life campaign engage their children in fundraising or take them to meetings with their Members of Congress because they are passionate about helping children around the world, and their own kids see that passion and become inspired to get involved, too. Indeed there is no better way to show giving back than to be the example.

Older children have the ability to see the larger ongoing projects that may happen at school or college. Everything is a possibility, and thinking big brings us nearer to it. Shot@Life works alongside many college campuses around the country to raise money and advocate for global childhood immunizations. A college in Chicago just raised more than $5,000 for Shot@Life as part of a marketing course. Imagination is the possibility of all that could be.

Our children need our encouragement, they need the fuel of our enthusiasm, and our time when guiding the budding activists within them. We as family make the biggest impression for molding those who will lead our society in 2030. I believe in change-makers and guardians of peace, and I believe together we can create a world where all children have a shot at making a difference in this world.

jo frost

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