04/16/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Pettiness Over Crib Notes and Teleprompters

It was a breaking point for me. I finally reached my limit. The recent media and political lunacy over crib notes and teleprompters did it for me. Everyone -- politicians, pundits, media, and the electorate -- are responsible for what we have become: a petty nation.

To reiterate: former Governor Sarah Palin accused the President of being "a charismatic guy with a teleprompter" in her speech to Tea Party Nation last Saturday night. Later in a Q&A session at the convention she was seen reading crib notes written on her palm.

This sparked a media frenzy. Even Press Secretary Robert Gibbs got into the act by mocking Palin when he showed a grocery list written on his hand.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert had a field day, which is fine because they are political comics. But watching Keith Olbermann

The left justify their petty reactions by saying (like a two-year old), "Well, she started it by mocking President Obama's use of teleprompters." Yes she did, but do two wrongs make a right?

The right have never stopped criticizing Obama's gaffes and their perceived teleprompter crutch. Did they not hear or see his Q&A with the GOP representatives in January? His engaging conversation should have put to rest the myth that he can't speak or communicate without his teleprompter.

So both sides are acting childish and petty. No wonder the American public is so angry at Washington! We have a high unemployment rate, a mortgage crisis, two wars, Wall Street greed, a broken health care system, blizzards and natural disasters due to climate change, and an energy crisis. Why can't our politicians do what they were elected to do: work together to solve these problems? Why can't the media hold them to the fire to do that and stop reporting these petty issues about crib notes and teleprompters? I just have two words for you all: grow up!