10/09/2014 04:48 pm ET Updated Dec 09, 2014

8 Co-Working Spaces in Asia For The Digital Nomad

I recently wrote this piece on my travel magazine and noticed a huge interest in the digital nomadic life. I have myself been enchanted by the freedom of jumping from one city to the other with the excuse that there's internet available almost everywhere, so here is a brief summary on what are the best co-working spaces I have tried around Asia. I wish I had tried more, but if you know of one I should try, please let me know! I might show up there one of these days ;-)

Outstanding Co-Working Spaces in Asia

By Hayo Magazine

An article by Joanna Riquett -

  • An unexpected community in Bali with a view

    By Hayo Magazine

    Hubud Bali is a perfect place for a change of scenery. Almost everyone here came to Bali for different reasons, but stayed when they found an inspiring hard-working community.

  • A space in Chiang-Mai with locals and expats

    By Hayo Magazine

    Young entrepreneurs and expats have flocked to Chiang-Mai pursuing a quieter yet exciting place to do their business from and PunSpace is offering the space for this community to grow. 

  • A fun and young vibe in Singapore

    By Hayo Magazine

    Thanks to our friends at Flag a Hero, I visited Scape, a co-working space that seems to be more focused on young & fun entrepreneurs. An enjoyable place to search for creativity. 

  • A peaceful place like heaven in Bangkok

    By Hayo Magazine

    One of the nicest spaces I’ve seen, Launchpad Bangkok has a great mix between open and closed spaces, break rooms, high ceilings and touches of color and green.

  • A remote and inspiring place in Bandung’s valley

    By Hayo Magazine

    Bandung Digital Valley located in the R&D center of Telekom Indonesia and they also host activities and talks. 

  • A hub for a strong tech community in Singapore

    By Hayo Magazine

    This place is not only a co-working space but also the center of the conversation. The Hub Singapore is one of Singapore’s best co-working spaces where you can get plugged in into the community.

  • A cafe with internet and people watching in Tokyo

    By Hayo Magazine

    Not exactly a co-working space, but work from Wired Cafe 360, in the heart of Harajuku, so great for people watching in between work emails. Plus the staff speaks almost perfect english. 

  • Bonus: A place I want to visit in Ho Chi Minh City

    By Hayo Magazine

    Work Saigon: I’m curious about the tech community in Vietnam, but I’m more curious about the pool this space has. Have you been? 

1. An Unexpected Community in Bali Overlooking a rice paddy
Yeah, you heard that right. In the heart of Ubud and right next to the Monkey Forest, there's a community of -mostly expats- working hard but enjoying the good life. Hubud Bali is a place you need to try if you are around.

2. A space in Chiang-Mai filled with locals and expats equally
The funny thing is that I read a story not long ago that the police came to take all the expats to interrogation under the assumption that Pun Space was hiring illegal foreigners. Little they know about the nomad life, but everything ended up working out just fine.

3. A fun and young vibe in Singapore
For the younger audience, *Scape HubQuarters is ideal. Lots of color, vibe and young people working on their dreams.

4. A peaceful place in Bangkok
If you need to choose one word to describe Bangkok, that is not peaceful. However, Launchpad Bangkok has managed to give this break to the people that choose to come to work from this place. A nice location to work from!

5. A remote and inspiring place in Bandung's valley, Indonesia
This is a bit far from the "normal" circuit, but if you find yourself in Java and don't want to go to Jakarta, Bandung is a good option for working. And shopping. Bandung Digital Valley is full of amazing people and energy!

6. A hub for a strong tech community in Singapore
The Hub Singapore gathers the entrepreneurs that are moving the tech needle in this city/country. A great place to work, but also to network.

7. A cafe with internet and people watching in Tokyo
Not exactly a co-working space, but Wired Caffe 360 offers free connection + free people watching as it is located in the heart of Harajuku.

8. Bonus: A place I want to visit in Ho Chi Minh City
I haven't been to this place yet, but I've been hearing about it and when I finally plan a trip to Vietnam I will definitely check Work Saigon. I'm curious about the tech community there, but I'm more curious about the pool they have. Have you been?

For the full story and some more recommendations, check Hayo Magazine and leave me a comment if you have more ideas or places to visit!