07/07/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Turn a Spring Fling into Summer Love

We may have marked the start of summer in our last column, but it's still technically spring, flowers are blooming and love is most certainly in the air. If you're single, why not take this opportunity to find yourself a magical, memorable spring fling, one that will invigorate you, make you excited to wake up in the morning and might end up being the birth of a significant relationship? We may have written How to Love Like a Hot Chick to help all you single ladies get the love you deserve, but that doesn't mean that we don't strongly believe in the importance of being single. If you rush from relationship to relationship you often never get to step back and think about who you are and what you want, but if you make the most of your singlehood it can truly be the best time of your life.

Of course being single can also be lonely, but there's absolutely no reason to sit around feeling sorry for yourself while you watch the Bachelorette sift through twenty five lame guys. There's no better time than now, when the sun is shining and the birdies are chirping, to throw caution to that springtime breeze and do everything in your power to find a relationship that is passionate, carefree and meaningful! We want all of you single ladies who are ready and willing to take some action to know that there is the perfect person out there hiding between blooming flowers and happy hours just waiting to be plucked by you. So get excited about finding a spring fling that could turn into a summer love. Here are a few tips:

1. Know That You Are a Hot Chick

There is a sexy, confident Hot Chick taking a nap right now inside of you and we want you to wake her up and embrace her! Start telling yourself that you are a Hot Chick who deserves some love and attention and see how quickly you start getting it. Remember that when we say Hot Chick we are not talking about looking like an airbrushed supermodel or a slutty reality TV star. Our definition of a Hot Chick is a confident, empowered, passionate woman who doesn't compete with other Hot Chicks, knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go out and get it!

2. Declare It Your Heyday

We don't care how old you are; this is your time to enjoy every juicy bit of goodness that life has to offer. Stop letting fears, insecurities and baggage weigh you down and decide right now to throw caution to the wind and start doing all of the things you've always wanted to do. Life is hard and life is short, so if you feel like you are not having enough fun or getting what you want, it's up to you to change that. Open your heart, be open to invitations and decide right now that you deserve to have the time of your life. When you let your hair down and start having fun, that's often when you meet Mr. Right. (And if he doesn't turn out to be Mr. Right, he'll at least be a damn good spring fling!)

3. Start Acting Bold

Why not ask a guy out? The more proactive you are, the more active you're life will be, so stop waiting for the phone to ring and being scared of rejection. You have the power to get what you want, so start asking for it now. Remember that men are often more insecure than women and have the same fear of rejection, so take the burden off of him this once and see what happens. If he says no, instead of letting it get you down be grateful that he saved you time by making it clear that he's not right for you and move on. You are a Hot Chick and most guys will be thrilled if you make the first move. When you start acting bold and going after what you want, you'll not only get what you want, but you will brighten someone else's life too!

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