11/09/2010 05:18 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Move W.'s Decision Points to the Crime Section

George W. Bush's new memoir, Decision Points, is scheduled to hit the shelves of bookstores across the country today. The Prevaricator-in-Chief who brought us mythical "weapons of mass destruction" claims to be setting the record straight.

We think it's time to set the record straight too. We think Bush's book belongs in the Crime section and hundreds of CODEPINK activists will be moving it to where they think it belongs in their bookstore. Join us in moving Bush's memoir to the bookstore section it belongs in... Fiction, Fantasy, Crime, you decide!

If you find Bush's book being sold in other types of stores in your community, tell us where you think it belongs in those stores too (the toilet paper aisle, perhaps).

To submit your photo to the "Where's W's Book?" contest, simply take a photo of where you've placed the books and upload it to our Flickr group by clicking here. Enter the contest online and tell us where you plan to move Bush's memoir.

One of the best photos we've received so far:

And be sure to leave our "The Real Decision Points" bookmark inside a few copies of the book too! Just download, print, cut and go!