03/12/2014 11:27 am ET Updated May 12, 2014

Wild Meditation

Meditate for years.
Be as spiritual as
your fondest idea
of your perfect self.

My dear friend
your back will never be straight enough.
Your mind never as still
for as long as you want.

If you meditate to get somewhere it is torture.
If you are trying to control yourself
you are pissing on the truth.

It has never been said,
"Be better so you can know that I am God."
It is "Be still!"
"Be still and know that I am....."

This isn't a practice it is the moment.
This isn't an exercise it is the event.
It is happening now
And needs nothing from you.

Meditate all wrong.
Mess it up.
Break the rules.
True meditation can only be revealed.

Meditate like a wild one.
Let life lead you as
it leads a bird through a forest.
It doesn't last an hour
in a quite room.
It is forever and everywhere.

Let yourself be
without correction
If correction happens
let that be too.

The water doesn't say it should be deeper
or more still.
It just settles in.
Again and again.
Without effort or rest.
Without struggle or sloth.

You are the water!

So many meditate to see how much peace they can grasp.

But life isn't asking us to grasp.
It is begging us to let go.