07/04/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Calling Specter Out for Calling Sestak Out

John Baer of the Philadelphia Daily News was the moderator of the only Sestak/Specter debate held last Saturday night. Here's a quote from his recap (full link):

"Right after the debate, still at his lectern, Specter snapped at his Senate challenger: "Do you want to continue this?" I heard him say "fisticuffs" and thought there'd be some action. But he then rendered an unceremonious, wave-of-the-hand, tight-jawed dismissal and, boom, he's out the door."

Some thoughts about this...

  1. Specter's judgment should be called into play to challenge an Annapolis Grad to a fight -- Sestak could probably kill him with a pencil.
  2. If Specter is getting that angry it means that Sestak is closer than the polls are revealing. He is inside Specter's head and ripping out the wires. Specter is imploding. You want 6 more years of this?
  3. This challenge was probably staged. An 80 year-old challenging a 50-something to a fight is a lose-lose for the 50-something. If Sestak takes the bait and beats the crap out of the 80 year-old the public would be outraged at the "elder abuse". Kudos goes to Sestak for being a warrior who knows when not to fight.
  4. If you want to take the temperature down in public discourse - Specter needs to be rung up for trying to raise the temperature by getting physical. Is Specter still responsible for his actions?
  5. Did Specter like it when he was physically challenged last year during his summer Town Hall trot thru the state? Why would he subject someone else to the same treatment that he didn't like?
  6. Keep in mind he challenged a sitting US Congressman to a fight. Were there any laws broken by the attempt at physical intimidation?

Specter, back in the day, if nothing else, was disciplined. This whole thing should backfire on Specter as a way to get sympathy. It just makes him look pathetic.