01/13/2012 04:34 pm ET Updated Mar 14, 2012

Cash for Colbert - An Electoral Idea

Stephen Colbert wants to get into the presidential race. Actually, he is already there at 5% in the South Carolina polls.

Since South Carolina does not allow write-ins, for Stephen to have an effect there needs to be some different ideas.

Idea 1:

Take South Carolina to court get an injunction against the GOP primary because they do not allow write-ins. Keep in mind that the election is paid for by taxpayers' dollars. Everyone's choice needs to be counted.

Let's say they delayed the vote because they cannot count a write-in. That puts every one of the "real" GOP candidates on the hot seat trying to defend South Carolina's unwillingness to tally what preferences 'The People' really like.

This plays very nicely with the voter suppression motif painted across the country.

Idea 2:

There do not appear to be any laws against writing Stephen Colbert's name on a $1 bill as long as the bill is not defaced beyond use.

How would election officials account for a large number of dollar bills with Stephen Colbert's name showing up in the ballot box at the end of the night?

One would have to guess the officials would have to count the money.

The amount of money could be donated to a worthy cause close to the Colbert Super Fund's heart. We know the fund has a heart in there somewhere.

It would give a whole different spin to the idea of cash for votes.

How cool would it be to see the graphics on Fox, CNN or MCNBC showing the Colbert totals of literally trying to buy an election?

As the returns come in and Colbert starts beating the big money guys like Huntsman or Romney, it would just prove that you can have all the money in the world, but it is priceless to have someone really liking you.