Rocks and Hard Places -- Is That Where You Want Our Kids?

Public schools sit between a number of rocks and hard places.

  • Tax Payer Groups with nothing better to do than complain about taxes, no matter how small, or how they may benefit others around them.
  • Seniors who have checked out of society. Not all seniors fit this mold, but there are a significant numbers that basically say, I got my kids educated - it is your problem to educate yours. Don't tax me.
  • Those without kids who blame kids for all society's problems.
  • Those who believe the public schools did a disservice to themselves or to their kids and are now on the warpath to dismantle or cripple it.
  • Those who don't want their kids associating with others who are not "like" themselves are paired with the parents who feel the public school supply an inferior product. These groups are pushing for subsidies for their own kids' school system.
  • Those who feel that government is a failure no matter what evidence you can give them to the contrary.
  • Those who think public schools are evil because they aren't teaching "my" value system.
  • Contractors who gouge the system for their own benefit.
  • Those who don't like any unions whatsoever - they go berserk with the idea that teachers are in a union.
  • Sometimes the unions themselves (I am sparing no one here).
  • The politicians who get elected pandering to these groups. They love to cut the budgets. There is no meat or bone that cannot be mistaken for fat. There is no twist or turn they won't make to get your vote.

I am sure you can add to this list of people who don't want a vibrant school system, but you get the idea.

Where do you fit in this slipstream?

  • Are you are a parent in the public school?

  • Are you are a satisfied parent of a public school alumni?
  • Did the public school system do right by you?
  • Are you are a retired teacher, burned-out and appalled at the state of public education? You know what needs to be done because you've been there and done that. You know how those still in the classroom are struggling.
  • Do you care about your own property values?
  • Are you tired of the divide and conquer?
  • What do you want to do about it?

    I will bet in this upcoming local election people from the Rocks and Hard Places groups will be fielding candidates for your local school board. They will be working together towards their common goals.

    There are too many people in these combined groups that do not wish success for your kid in the public school system.

    Are those the folks you want dictating what goes down for your kids' education?

    This country is, theoretically, of the people, by the people, and for the people; you are one of the people.
    You have every right as a citizen to step up into running for your local school board - or helping get good people elected. When you step onto a board like this, keep in mind you are one of a number of people. You don't have to do it all. If you can think and act as a member of a team, you are needed.

    You will notice there is NO mention of party affiliation -
    • Democrat
    • Republican
    • Tea Party
    • Green
    • Independent
    • Non-Partisan.
    You will notice there is NO mention of political ideology -
    • Left
    • Right
    • Liberal
    • Conservative
    • Progressive.

    That is because the education of our kids is beyond all these labels. It is worth stepping up and defending a system that will give everyone's kid a running start into adulthood and allow this country to prosper.

    Not stepping up allows the rocks to pile onto the hard places - the kids are at the bottom.