02/29/2008 05:02 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Why Barack Obama Has Already Won (and Hillary Has Become a Republican)

In spite of the Clinton campaign's latest outlandish claim that Barack Obama must win all four contests this Tuesday or he's in trouble, those of us still residing in a place called reality understand the actual picture is much different.

According to most major news networks, Barack Obama now has a 100 point total delegate lead. Among pledged delegates the lead is now over 150.

What does this mean? Barack Obama could lose every state this Tuesday and as long as he kept the contests reasonably close he would still maintain a commanding lead.

In this way, he has already won.

He is leading in all the latest polls in Texas by a margin of 2-6 points. He is blowing Clinton out in Vermont. And he has now drawn within two points in Ohio.

After these contests, there are simply not enough states or delegates for Hillary to catch up. The margin is now within 4 points in Pennsylvania.

Where else can she win and collect a total of 100 delegates? What big states can she rout by 20-30 points?

The answer is: she can't. She can draw this thing out, continue to make spurious attacks, continue to sell low expectations. But now that Obama has clearly established there won't be blowouts this Tuesday, SHE CANNOT WIN.

Meanwhile, before our very eyes, she is becoming a Republican. The latest example is this blatant manipulation of fear to convince voters that only she can make Americans safe.

Unbelievable. I pray Americans are smarter than this. Fear carried the day in 2000 and 2004. It's gotten us nothing but war, torture, corruption, secrecy, and abuse of power. Hillary might have different policies (though on foreign affairs I have serious questions), but her methods are really no different than the last eight years: she surrounds herself with bad people, she is a top down leader, she is resentful of the press, she is secretive, she can't admit mistakes, she uses fear and manipulation as weapons...

I think America is ready to turn the page. While Barack Obama technically doesn't need to win this Tuesday, one big state (like Texas) should be enough to close the deal. Then we can respond to the real Republicans' fearmongering and failed strategy in Iraq instead of this downward-spiraling, futile civil war.