07/30/2012 08:18 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'True Blood' Recap: The Past Meets The Present In 'Somebody That I Used To Know'

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 5, Episode 8 of HBO's "True Blood," titled, "Somebody That I Used To Know."

I'm beyond thrilled that "True Blood" pulled a complete 180 (in my eyes) from last week. The episode, directed by none other than the show's own Stephen Moyer, was fast-paced, energetic, humorous and intriguing. Not only that, but it also brought an emotional side of the show that has laid dormant for quite a while.

On the lighter side of things, Luna unintentionally shifted into Sam, which brought on a whole slew of humorous sight gags and one-liners. I have to give it up to Sam Trammell for playing both Sam Merlotte and Luna as Sam Merlotte wonderfully. We've learned from Sam's brother, Tommy (R.I.P.), that shifting into another person may result in death, so Luna may have just screwed the pooch. There's a pun there! I know it!

This episode also worked because it brought together different storylines, and as I discussed last week, there were way too many, so merging them was definitely advantageous. Sam and Andy are hunting down these supernatural killers, as we know. And as we also know, Hoyt has become a part of this hate group. But now they've thrown Jessica into the mix, which is nice considering she hasn't really had much to do this season besides look good. A member of the hate group seduces Jessica, kidnaps her, and brings her back to Hate Headquarters. They bring in Hoyt to present him with what they've captured, and they tell him that he must kill her. I'm completely over Jessica and Hoyt as a couple, but their dialogue together was such a great moment for them ("So, why don't you love me anymore?" -- "I wanted to love you. I even prayed for it to come back. It just didn't."). Even though I think Hoyt is a punk-ass whose character has gone way downhill, I'm glad to see a little moral rebound from him.

In other plot rebounds, Lafayette and Terry's (Yes, Terry!) stories hit season high points this episode. Lafayette's lines were sharp and witty (literally, everything that came out of his mouth this week was gold), and bringing him into Terry's storyline was a smart move, since both were getting tiresome. Arlene and Holly ask Lafayette if he'll perform a faux-séance in order to convince Terry that the woman who put the fire monster curse on him is willing to break it. Lafayette agrees, but not before snapping back and asking for $300. Later, they perform the séance but it is anything but faux. The Iraqi woman takes over Lafayette, yells something in Arabic, and makes the demand that she'll lift the curse if either Terry or Patrick dies. This'll have a fun turnout.

As for the happenings at the Authority Headquarters, I wasn't completely bored at everything that was said, so that's a definite plus. After coming down from their ancient V high, they begin to make plans to end this entire mainstream movement. They deliberate over different ideas and it's actually Bill who comes up with the winning one. He proclaims that they should bomb or destroy each one of the five Tru Blood factories, which would result in vampires everywhere being forced to feed on humans. It's odd how Eric has become the good one of the two. Radical Bill seems like a little too far off from his liberal, human-loving character, but I'm going to go along with it and see where it leads. The previews for next week make it seem like he's being for real, though.

After trying to relinquish herself of her fairy powers, Jason urges Sookie to save them, for they could aid in finding out what vampire killed their parents. As it turns out, her powers can help! Sookie, Jason, Claude, and his many sisters meet at the bridge where Sookie and Jason's parents were killed. Using her powers, Sookie was able to enter the memories of her mother at the time to witness the tragedy that occurred. But somehow, her vision transferred into the vampire's, which no doubt means she made a connection with the vamp in real life. After killing their parents, the vampire was blasted by Claudine, who showed up a little too late. She also called him Warlow, so I guess that's his name. In the end, in a faint haze in her bathroom, the vampire appeared to Sookie, exclaiming "I'm coming for you... You are mine!" I'm a little freaked out by this guy. Could he be an even bigger bad than Russell Edgington?

Inside Fangtasia, Tara continues making friends. Not really, as when a old high school buddy who happens to also be mildly racist shows up, Tara throws down. Pam stops her before things get out of hand, but in a nice turn of events, Pam takes Mildly Racist Girl, sticks her in the basement, and glamours her to obey and worship Tara. Aw, Pam, you shouldn't have! 

And finally, in werewolf territory, Alcide and J.D. have their fight, if you want to even call it that. J.D. decides the best way to decide who will become the leader of the pack is to hunt and kill a high school track star. Alcide forfeits the title in order to save the kid, but J.D. isn't going to let the kid go that easily. Right when J.D. is about to devour the boy, Alcide shows up, they have a little tussle, and before J.D. smashes in Alcide's head with a rock, the pack shows up and Martha convinces him to stop. J.D. and his pack go off to celebrate. The end. I wish. The werewolf storylines just never match up quality-wise, to most of the others, but it was better than usual this time.

It's obvious that "True Blood" is at its best when it's cohesive and has a good balance between fun and serious, and "Somebody That I Used To Know" accomplished both rather well.

Extra Bites

Alcide and Rikki's sex scene was probably the best sex scene the show has had in a long while. Just gonna point that out.

The best shot of the episode: Sam cuddling Nora/Sam. So odd, but weirdly adorable?

Russell and Steve Newlin continue to make strides in becoming the best couple on the show.

I always appreciate a good Jesus appearance. The character, not the, well, you know.

Something else I appreciated: Bill's flashback to his daughter's deathbed in 1910. That was sweet and sad.

I'm beginning to notice that Sookie is really good at imitating people. Her Claude and Claudine impressions were quite commendable.

"Mind your own goddamn business!" - Luna, as Sam, walking in the hospital, butt openly displayed

"Hooka', I ain't in the helpin' business no mo'. I'm in the 'fuck off while I smoke a blunt' business, and business is about to pick way the fuck up." - Lafayette

"My mad face and my happy face are the same." - Pam

I hope this is the last reference to the Goyte song for eternity.