11/07/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

McCain Shows He Can't Be Trusted With 'The Button'

The codes (the button) kept in a locked case to initiate 'mutual annihilation' in the 2008 Presidential Campaign were launched this past weekend by John McCain. McCain, knowing full well that his campaign's attacks on Barack Obama's associations would result in an equally powerful counter-strike, launched them without regard to human cost. Sarah Palin, out delivering one of her canned speeches on behalf of the McCain/Palin ticket, trumpeted the first blow saying that Barack Obama "pals around with terrorists". Palin was referring to Weather Underground leader William Ayers, former member of the 1960's radical Weather Underground Organization and currently a Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Palin sounded the alarm to her supporters and then signed hundreds of autographs.

Barack Obama has been hanging around with terrorists and John McCain and Sarah Palin have known about it all along? Why didn't they tell Homeland Security? Why didn't they inform the public sooner? Were those not autographs and instead map routes so the folks could get to safety? We could have settled this election, for the most part, and got on with resolving the economic issues that are jeopardizing the future of the United States. This could have been handled as a security issue, but I guess that pressing 'the button' made more sense. Why, because the McCain campaign has no plan to resolve the economic crisis.

Imagine if this were an international crisis, based on their actions I would expect them to resort to the same extreme measures and press 'the button' and launch a nuclear strike. Why talk about an economic crisis when you can bombard the airwaves with mudsling nonsense? Why discuss difficult international resolutions when you can bomb your adversaries? What makes us think McCain would not use the nuclear launch codes if he felt desperate in an international crisis with Russia, China, or another country?

Americans are desperate for leadership and looking for answers. They need help as they are suffering from an economic crisis worsening each and every day with no end in sight. Instead, thanks to the McCain campaign, they have received the first battle calls of what will be a downward spiraling campaign until Election Day. The people have been made into cannon fodder in a war that could have been avoided. The threat of a retaliatory attack by Obama did not deter McCain from aggression so now we will experience what we have always feared.

The destructive path we are now on is chronicled below.
• John McCain launched William Ayers.
• Barack Obama launched Charles Keating.
• John McCain will launch Reverend Jeremiah Wright.
• Barack Obama will launch Pastor John Hagee.
• John McCain will launch Tony Rezko.
• Barack Obama will launch that John McCain sat on the board of the extremist "U.S. Council for World Freedom".

And on it will go as average folks in America lose their jobs and homes while Wall Street crashes and burns.

Thanks for the memories John McCain!