09/09/2006 12:35 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Five Years After 9/11, They Still Can't Count To Five

I'm at home in Boston today speaking about how we actually win the war on terror.

A lot of people have made this issue either overly simple or overly complicated, for their own cynical reasons. (Mislabeling Iraq the central front in the war on terror is both, and the height of cynicism.)

But here's a different way of going at it -- cut and dry -- here are the five biggest things that need to happen to get the war on terror right.

1. Redeploy out of Iraq.

2. Recommit to Afghanistan.

3. Reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

4. Restore our moral authority.

5. Reform Homeland Defense.

George Bush jokes that he's the master of lowering expectations. Five years after 9/11, the administration still hasn't figured out how to count to five.

(The rest of my speech is here if you would like to read it.)