03/16/2014 03:45 pm ET Updated May 16, 2014

Selection Sunday's Optimism: What Our Economy Lacks

Selection Sunday is one of the most exciting days of spring because it is a day of pure optimism. College basketball players and their coaches (and of course, the all-important armchair coaches) around the nation reflect on the hard work of the regular season and eagerly wait for their opportunity to make it to the Big Dance.

Because this optimism and opportunity brings out the best in Americans, it's unfortunate that the liberal agenda inhibits those traits in our economy.

For example Obamacare continues to hurt the middle class. Even a large labor union, Unite Here, wrote how "the unintended consequences will hit the average, hard-working American where it hurts: in the wallet." The report details the horrendous impact of Obamacare, including how people will be moved to part time work and that it is cutting people's pay.

A real-world example the union cites is that of a Connecticut man who said, "Obamacare would cost me $4,855.20 a year more, or a $2.33 an hour pay cut. That's not right."

Not only do labor unions recognize that Obamacare is hurting middle-class Americans, but America's seniors do as well. A recent seniors poll conducted by YG Network reveals that 57 percent of respondents disapprove of the Left's health care law, and only 36 percent approve.

Additionally, 55 percent of seniors believe that Obamacare will hurt Medicare.

As far as Medicare Advantage is concerned, 85 percent of seniors say they are happy with their current plans. Unfortunately, "Obamacare financed its assault on existing insurance arrangements in part by $156 billion over 10 years in direct cuts to Medicare Advantage plans -- cuts to be exacerbated by indirect spillovers from changes in the Medicare Advantage funding formula," according to former Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin.

It's unfair that President Obama and his allies in Congress continue to slam-dunk the American people with their agenda.

We deserve health care policy that expands their opportunities, not restricts them. When a law causes a pay cut, as the Unite Here report demonstrates, a hardworking person loses an opportunity to pay for electricity bills, gas or groceries. It means they are less able to help their kids with everyday items, much less college tuition.

Selection Sunday brings us the best teams. Now it's time for policymakers to bring us the best policy ideas to help with everyday life.