11/07/2012 02:55 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2013

Who Really Lost Last Night? Southern White Bigoted Men

I love my Kentucky family roots, but one of the downsides is I am often copied on emails that circulate there among so-called conservatives.

This one (see below) showed up in my inbox this morning. I share it with you because I think it says quite clearly what many white men in the South feel, but are too timid to voice outright in public. But, it does guide them in the secrecy of the election booth. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is not limited to uneducated Southerners. Surprisingly, many college educated Southerners also think and talk this way among themselves. The South may rise again, but not until they get over their bigotry and hatred toward people different from themselves. It certainly doesn't sound like something Jesus would be texting.

People are claiming that minority groups like blacks, gays, Hispanics, women and Asians caused this election result last night. No, white men caused it by being so bigoted against everyone else other than white males. When you think about it, white men are the minority. They make up less than 36% of voters in this election, and if they aren't careful, they may become extinct in the very near future.

"The illegal aliens who fraudulently voted ( I have proof of this at my local voting precinct ), the food stamp and welfare recipients, the so called " minorities", the supposedly "disenfranchised" poor, the stupidly pathetic hair on fire women with their myriad sexual and psychological problems, the liberal pseudo intellectuals, the "war is not the answer" university professors, the atheists, the slime ball thug unionists, the anti 2nd amendment fascists, the 47 percent of the population who never pay a cent of federal income taxes, the race baiting apologists, the fat assed American Indians beating their drums at pow wows and living free on reservations in perpetuity while eating mountains of free bread, all the while getting paid for it,,,,I could go on and on,, this is my view of why the country walked off a cliff last night. Am I bitter? You bet!"

John R. Talbott is a bestselling author and financial consultant to families whose books predicted the housing crash, the banking crisis and the global economic collapse. You can read more about his books, the accuracy of his predictions and his financial consulting activities at