05/10/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Fundraising Slides Show What RNC Really Thinks

Following the release of damaging slides from a recent Republican National Committee presentation in Florida--"Putting the FUN Back in Fundraising," which encouraged using fear, the threat of Socialism, and "tchochkes" as effective fund raising tools--the RNC has been put on the defensive. Even the RNC Chair Michael Steele was contrite on FOX News, who had to dispatch one of their Most Attractive Blond Ladies Available to distract from the news of how utterly little the RNC thinks of its supporters, namely you, the viewers.

While the slides obtained by Politico cast an unflattering light on how the RNC apparently thinks of its donors as ego-driven and reactionary, the peculiar premium placed on "tchochkes" might be even more curious (for anyone who is not a grandparent, anyway). Is this the GOP secret to cultivating their base--stocking them up for their next yard sale?

Here are additional Power Point slides that have surfaced providing further insight into how the Republican National Committee thinks.






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