05/01/2014 05:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

7 (Not So) Surprising Facts About Gay Weddings


I will never understand why people have such an issue with gay people getting married. Not liking their particular lifestyle is one thing, denying them a basic human right is another. The sexuality of the participants in any wedding should not be of any concern to anyone other than the two people getting married. As far as I am concerned two people that WANT to get married, should be able to get married.

I had the honor of taking my kids to the wedding of their uncle this past weekend and what I saw would probably surprise a lot of people. I had never been to a same-sex wedding ceremony in my life so I didn't know what to expect. I had only heard from same-sex wedding detractors about how ceremonies like this are the end of all things. Certainly two people getting married would cause some sort of black hole swallowing the universe as we know it. Fortunately that was not the case. Here are seven things I saw that might surprise you:

1. People danced. Granted some of the music was not to my liking, but I said the same thing about a wedding I went to of a straight couple a few years ago.

2. People ate. I had the prime rib that was actually very good.

3. People took pictures. I have a whole wedding album full of pictures from my wedding that I look at about once a year. Now my brothers-in-law will have the same thing.

4. People drank. There was wine, beer, mixed drinks... some people probably had too much. Where have I seen that before?

5. People cried. Tears of joy flowed. Much like a new husband and wife there were a lot of congratulations going around. Nobody that I noticed called either of them devil worshippers or protested the fact that this ceremony was happening.

6. People had fun. Maybe it was all the dancing, eating, and drinking... but it looked to me like people enjoyed themselves.

7. People showed their love. Two people got to show the world that they have a commitment towards one another. Why would anyone want to deny them that?

If none of this sounds OK to you, maybe you have a problem with ALL weddings.

This post originally appeared on Dads Roundtable