03/15/2013 02:33 pm ET Updated May 15, 2013

The Week to Week News Quiz for Friday, March 15, 2013

It's changing-of-the-guard week around the world. Take our quiz and see how much you know about the week's important developments and new players.

Here are some random but real hints: Radar O'Reilly could have predicted that; he's probably seeking forgiveness for that whole wrestling career thing; that's because they're all becoming home health care aides; and call it the new downward mobility. Answers are at the bottom of the quiz.

1. How many Roman Catholics worldwide will new Pope Francis I oversee?
a. 1.1 billion
b. 600 million
c. 1.2 billion
d. 650 million

2. How did North Korea react to new U.N. sanctions and joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises?
a. It opened talks with China, Japan, Russia, and the United States
b. It unilaterally cancelled the armistice that ended the Korean War
c. It agreed to stop nuclear tests for two years
d. It declared all of South Korea to be "lost property" of the North Korean government

3. Which one of the following is not a "first" that can be attributed to Pope Francis?
a. The first Jesuit to become pope
b. The first pope to be named Francis
c. The first member of Opus Dei to become pope
d. The first Latin American to become pope

4. Following his high-profile trip to North Korea to meet with dictator Kim Jong-Un, where did Dennis Rodman go?
a. To South Korea to meet with that nation's first female president
b. To the Vatican to promote a gambling website
c. To Iran to meet with Ahmedinejad
d. To Venezuela to "offer love and support" for that country's presidential transition

5. Who announced plans to sue the makers of the Academy Award-winning film Argo?
a. CIA specialist Tony Mendez, who says he wasn't paid for consulting on the movie's script
b. Former Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor, who wanted his role to remain anonymous
c. Former President Jimmy Carter, claiming the film distorts his role in the caper
d. The Iranian government, complaining the film was "Iranophobic"

6. Physicists in Geneva announced on Thursday that they have confirmed the discovery of the Higgs boson, which is also known by what name?
a. The God Particle
b. The Big One
c. Dark Matter
d. The Holy Particle

7. On Thursday, whom did China's National People's Congress name as the country's new president?
a. Xi Jinping
b. Hu Jintao
c. Li Kequang
d. Táo Zhé

8. Ieng Sary, who died this week at the age of 87, was the co-founder of what political organization?
a. The Chinese Communist Party
b. The Khmer Rouge
c. The Viet Cong
d. The Red Army Faction

9. What happened with new unemployment claims this week?
a. They rose for the second consecutive week
b. They were unchanged from the previous week
c. They hit a record high
d. They dropped for the third consecutive week

10. According to the U.S. Labor Department, the fastest-growing job in the country is home health-car aide. What is the average annual income for people in this job?
a. $20,000
b. $42,000
c. $56,000
d. $81,000

BONUS. Who tried to comfort members of his own party by telling them that at least he's not Dick Cheney?
a. Chris Christie
b. Joe Biden
c. Barack Obama
d. Dick Cheney

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ANSWERS: 1) c. 2) b. 3) c. 4) b. 5) d. 6) a. 7) a. 8) b. 9) d. 10) a. BONUS) c.

EXPLANATIONS OF THE HINTS: Radar was M*A*S*H's prescient corporal during the Korean War; Dennis Rodman's short-lived attempt to be a wrestling star is far from the most colorful period of his professional life; fewer unemployed people, so they must be taking available jobs; and unfortunately, those available jobs are apparently poorly remunerated.