05/11/2012 02:25 pm ET Updated Jul 11, 2012

The Week to Week News Quiz for Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh, must this week end? Pranks, gaffes, candidates run amok -- why can't every week be like this? Find out how much you know about the news everybody's discussing by taking our quiz below, and don't forget to join us live this Monday, May 14, when Huffington Post San Francisco Editor Carly Schwartz joins our Week to Week panel to discuss the medical marijuana crackdown.

Answers are at the bottom of the quiz.

1. President Barack Obama faced a surprisingly tough primary challenge in West Virginia. What candidate took 40 percent of the vote there this week?
a) Oliver Luck, West Virginia University's director of athletics
b) Write-in votes for Hillary Clinton
c) Keith Judd, a convicted felon serving time in a Texas prison
d) Kathleen Falk, former county executive of Dane County, Wisconsin

2. Former Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann revealed her dual citizenship this week. In what foreign country did she hold citizenship (at least until she renounced it later in the week)?
a) China
b) Mexico
c) Switzerland
d) Sweden

3. President Obama was forced to make an announcement this week after public comments made by Vice President Joe Biden. What was the announcement?
a) He was replacing his running mate in the general election
b) He supported the rights of same-sex couples to marry
c) He is accelerating the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan
d) He and Michelle are expecting another child

4. The Washington Post reported that Mitt Romney's high school "pranks" involved what?
a) Using his father's money to buy the school snack bar, firing its employees, and selling it to the Walgreens chain
b) Running a "wheel of fortune" roulette wheel scam, in which winners got boxes of snacks with nonexistent prizes inside
c) Tackling and pinning to the ground a long-haired and presumed homosexual student, whose hair Romney then cut with a pair of scissors
d) Convincing the local townspeople that a monster had taken up residence in nearby Skeleton Cave

5. On Tuesday, Wisconsin Democrats chose their candidate to take on Governor Scott Walker in a recall election, which will take place in four weeks. Who is the Democrats' candidate?
a) Green Bay Mayor James J. Schmitt
b) Media mogul Larry Flynt
c) Media mogul Arianna Huffington
d) Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

6. Rebekah Brooks, the former head of the U.K.'s News International, said British Prime Minister David Cameron signed text messages to her with "LOL," but that he didn't know it stood for "laugh out loud." According to the BBC, what did Cameron think "LOL" stood for?
a) Lots of love
b) Live or learn
c) Love it or leave it
d) Live out loud

7. Russia announced it was pulling out of something. What will Russia skip?
a) The Euro 2012 soccer championships
b) A G8 meeting hosted this month by the United States
c) The London 2012 Olympics
d) ASEAN's annual meeting

8. JPMorgan'c CEO said "sloppiness" led to a loss by the financial services firm this week. What did it lose?
a) $2 billion in trading
b) The corporate jet on an Asian trip
c) The personnel records of 2,560 employees
d) Control of its official Facebook page

9. President Barack Obama held a $14 million fund-raiser at the home of what famous supporter?
a) Meghan McCain
b) Bill Clinton
c) George Clooney
d) Anna Wintour

10. Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio promised to fight "to the bitter end" a suit filed against him by the U.S. Justice Department. What did the suit allege?
a) He wiretapped top government officials, including President Barack Obama
b) His department systematically discriminated against Latinos
c) He was not enforcing federal immigration laws
d) His last name is difficult to pronounce

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ANSWERS: 1) c (yes, really). 2) c. 3) b. 4) c. 5) d. 6) a. 7) b. 8) a. 9) c. 10) b.