02/21/2014 07:52 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2014

The Week to Week News Quiz for 2/21/14

Take our latest Week to Week news quiz to see how on top of the news you are.

Here are some random but real hints: drive different; das wahlkampf; thee the people; and he's a job stealer, too.

1. What did Ukrainian police do after announcing the beginning of "an anti-terror operation" on Tuesday?
a. Arrested 43 top al Qaeda operatives in southern Ukraine
b. Stormed a camp of anti-government protestors in Kiev
c. Agreed to send non-lethal assistance to allied forces in Afghanistan
d. Tripled the budget for state security forces

2. According to clerics in the United Arab Emirates, where are Muslims now forbidden to live?
a. Israel
b. Russia
c. New York
d. Mars

3. With whom is the Tesla electric car company in talks?
a. General Motors
b. Volkswagen
c. Apple
d. Facebook

4. Workers rejected a plan to unionize a Tennessee plant for what company?
a. Volkswagen
b. Tesla
c. Banana Republic
d. Foxconn

5. What did a Florida artist do to express his anger over a museum's exhibit choices?
a. Launched a campaign for mayor of Miami, running on a campaign platform to bring "really good art to the masses"
b. Tied himself to the conference table being used for a meeting by the museum's board of directors
c. Created a 1:20 scale model of the museum made completely out of baked macaroni
d. Destroyed a $1 million vase created by dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei

6. Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay recently said that who had written the U.S. Constitution?
a. George Washington
b. God
c. Newt Gingrich
d. King George III

7. What did President Obama remove from his proposed budget?
a. A reduction in the cost of living adjustments for Social Security recipients
b. The projected $45 billion surplus
c. The Department of Energy
d. Funding for congressional support staff

8. Who said that the U.S. reaction to events in Ukraine showed Obama to be "the most naive president in history"?
a. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych
b. Senator Ted Cruz
c. Vice President Joe Biden
d. Senator John McCain

9. Who slammed Republican Senate leaders for "trickery" in the debt ceiling vote last week?
a. President Obama
b. Vice President Biden
c. Rush Limbaugh
d. Senator Ted Cruz

10. Whom did a Sudanese court convict of "indecent acts"?
a. The nation's president and indicted war criminal Omar al-Bashir
b. The leader of the Sudan People's Liberation Army
c. The country's army chief
d. A teenage gang-rape victim

BONUS. Whom did right-wing musician Ted Nugent call a "subhuman mongrel"?
a. Senator Ted Cruz
b. President Obama
c. Rush Limbaugh
d. Hillary Clinton

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ANSWERS: 1) b. 2) d. 3) c. 4) a. 5) d. 6) b. 7) a. 8) d. 9) d. 10) d. BONUS) b.

Explanations of the hints: drive different: Apple's famous old ad urged people to "think different"; das wahlkampf: that's German for the election campaign; thee the people: yep, he said God did it; and he's a job stealer, too: Obama took the job McCain wanted.