06/01/2012 01:27 pm ET Updated Aug 01, 2012

The Week to Week News Quiz for Friday, June 1, 2012

Are you sufficiently newsed-up? Take this news quiz and find out. Here are some random hints: The Obama administration is already not defending the Clinton-era law; the Donald won't; this isn't China -- yet; and we'll just say no thanks.

Now put those hints to good use and take the test. Answers are at the bottom of the quiz.

1. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney reached his "magic number" this past week. Why is this number special to him?
a) It means he beat the Obama campaign in fundraising totals for the month of May
b) It is the number of delegates needed to win the GOP nomination
c) He reached his goal of having 24 super PACs supporting him
d) It is a unique value with unexplained meaning that cannot be replaced with a named constant

2. The Golden Gate Bridge turned 75 last weekend, amid much pomp and circumstance and street food vending. But as everyone knows, the Golden Gate Bridge is not gold-colored. It's not even yellow. What is the official name of the bridge's coloring?
a) Rust Red
b) Golden Gate Orange
c) International Orange
d) Ronald Reagan Red

3. A mysterious and sophisticated computer virus has been infecting but not corrupting computers throughout the Middle East, including Iran. The virus collects and transmits sensitive information from the computers, but the virus creator is not known (though believed to be backed by a national government). What is the name of this virus?
a) Stuxnet II
b) Flight of the Phoenix
c) KardashianKrash
d) Flame

4. The 1st Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Boston struck down a key part of what marital law?
a) FMS, the Federal Marriage Amendment
b) Prop 8, the referendum banning California same-sex marriage
c) DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act
d) IDMA, the Indefensible Marriage Act

5. The trial of former presidential candidate John Edwards ended this week. What was the result?
a) Edwards was convicted on 3 of 6 counts
b) A mistrial was declared
c) Edwards was found not guilty on all counts
d) Edwards was convicted on all counts

6. President Barack Obama met with former President George W. Bush at the White House this week. What was the reason?
a) Obama asked Bush for advice on fighting terrorists
b) Obama awarded Bush the Medal of Freedom
c) Bush left something in the bottom drawer that he needed to retrieve
d) The official portrait of George W. Bush was being unveiled

7. Who called Donald Trump a "bloviating ignoramus"?
a) Conservative columnist George Will
b) Senior Obama advisor David Axelrod
c) Former President Bill Clinton
d) Liberal columnist Paul Krugman

8. The U.S. House of Representatives defeated an abortion bill this week. What would the bill have done?
a) Made all abortions illegal
b) Made it illegal to "perform or coerce a woman into" an abortion for the purpose of gender-selection
c) Defunded Planned Parenthood
d) Doubled the federal tax on abortion procedures

9. Republican super PACs and other conservative groups expect to spend how much on November's elections?
a) $1 billion
b) $5 billion
c) $500 million
d) $150 million

10. According to a Los Angeles Times poll, what surprising result was reported this week?
a) Most adults in California want to move to a lower-tax state
b) A majority of voters do not support marijuana legalization
c) 10 percent of voters bought Facebook stock
d) Nearly 86 percent reported being "extremely upset" about Snooki being pregnant

BONUS QUESTION (does not count toward your total): Which news story was the least disgusting story this week?
a) Naked face-eating attacker shot by police
b) Bisexual porn actor accused of killing, dismembering, mailing a person's body parts
c) A maid in Singapore jailed for spiking her employer's coffee with her own menstrual blood
d) Chinese lemurs photographed in Bruce Lee kung fu poses

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ANSWERS: 1) b. 2) c. 3) d. 4) c. 5) b. 6) d. 7) a. 8) b. 9) a. 10) b. BONUS: d (oh, come on, it isn't even close!).